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Bring It On-Line: - July 26, 2017


Welcome back to The 700 Club.

It's time to Bring It On with your email questions.

And we're going to start with Lori.

She says, are you supposed to demand God to answer prayer

when help is needed?

I was taught to show humility and respect

and come to him with humble thanksgiving.

Which is right?

I think humble thanksgiving is right.

We submit to the Lord and He is King of kings

and Lord of Lords, we're going to tell him what to do?

You know the Bible says, demand of me,

but it's a question like, are you

trying to demand me to do something?

What we demand is, we ask God what do you want to do?

The Lord says, here's what I want to do,

then you command the things that happen,

you command the material world around you,

command the disease, command the demon,

with the Word coming out of your mouth.

But not God, you ask God what does He want

and then He in his power, you speak the Word.

That's how you get answers to prayer.

All right?

That's good.

All right, stick to that mountain.

Ruben says, Pat, do you believe that praying and speaking

the Word of God will heal our land, no matter what's

going on now?

No it won't.

What is this, if my people which are called by my name

will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face,

and turn from their wicked ways, then I'll hear from heaven

and heal our land.

Got that?

Humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways,

we can't continue in sin and say God

bless us, God bless America.

Oh yes, He'll bless America He wants to, because this country

has a great destiny.

But we just cannot stick our finger in God's eyes,

and ignore Him, and bless His name and do all this and think

He's going to bless us.

All right.

Neal says, what does Pat think about the people

in the Wisconsin company getting micro-chipped in relation

to the "Mark of the Beast"?

Did you see that?

Yeah, I did.

I don't know they have chips now,

and we'll have tattoos before long,

which can imprint your entire medical history

and put it under your skin, subcutaneous, and could that

be something spoken of in Revelations?

It's possible.

But I wouldn't say this particular one was.

All right.

And it was interesting because they made a point

to say that this can't track you where you are,

it's not a GPS device but you know.

They will, [INAUDIBLE].

Trust me, they will.

All right, Kim says, I've been dating

this wonderful Christian man for over two years,

and recently he has taken on the belief

that women should not preach or even be

a pastor or Christian leader.

He continually goes back to the verse

that, quote, women should not speak over men,

in 1 Timothy 12:2.

I've rebutted his stance on this with cultural difference

and using other women leaders in the Bible,

but he always seems to have an answer against it.

I'm concerned.

I know that my boyfriend is not anti-woman and has

been very encouraging as I work in women's ministry,

but his new view is super discouraging

because I know I'm called to speak in churches

and have a big ministry, and I would obviously

want his support if we decide to get married.

Do you have any extra-biblical insight

on this topic that would help?

This guy is a hard-nosed zealot,

and you think he's hard-nosed on this one,

watch the other stuff he'll do.

I wouldn't think of marrying something like that.


I mean leave off the key, get out the back, Jack,

and all that stuff.

Get yourself free.

I mean, forget it.

You've been called to do something by God.

And this guy would be an anchor and he'll

prohibit you from fulfilling God's call in your life.

No, you listen to God.

And there are plenty of other men who understand the Word.

And look at the great leaders in the Bible who were women.

Who were Deborah, people like that,

and of course in this modern day Golda Meir didn't

do a bad job in Israel either.

What else do you have?

All right this viewer says, I've

been a follower of Jesus Christ for some time now,

but I know that I've done evil in God's sight before.

I came across two verses in scripture

that caught my attention.

What does it mean in 2 Timothy 3:5

where it says, having a form of godliness

but denying its power?

Well, Paul is talking, here, about the apostasy

in the latter days that people will be of truce breakers,

disobedient to parents, and they will be implacable,

and they will break you know murders, and so forth.

And the idea of having a form of godliness

means they go to church, or they're

deacons, or their pastors, or they

put on a religious appearance and they quote scripture,

and they have all these things saying.

Within their hearts, they are evil they have not

submitted to God, and they want to go after sin.

That's what they have a form of godliness

but they deny the power.

God's not talking to you but that-- yes go ahead.

Well, the viewer, she said, or he

said, these scriptures concern me

because I've done wrong while being saved.

Well, done wrong while you're saved,

sure we all do wrong while we are saved.

I mean, really, there's nobody that doesn't sin.

John Wesley said, there's not a day

goes by that I don't plead the blood of Jesus.

We're all sinners.

That's not what he's talking about.

He's talking about people that play like they're Christians,

play like they're godly, play like they're Orthodox Jews

or whatever, but they deny by their lifestyle

the very profession of their faith.

It's hypocrisy he's talking about.

And it doesn't sound like you're it.


Thank goodness for the blood of Jesus.

Well, amen.

I mean that's what it is.

God forgives sin and that's what he does.

But we have to go, if we walk in the light,

as He is in the light, we have fellowship, one with the other

and the blood of Jesus Christ, in the Greek,

is continuously, continuously, cleanses us from all sin.

That's the good news OK?


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