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Bring It On-Line: - July 27, 2017


Well, guess what, it's time for your email questions,

and we're going to get right to it.

Martha writes in, she says, "Hi Pat,

I divorced my husband after years of infidelity,

and a child was born from that adultery.

Also, my marriage was a mentally abusive relationship that left

me and my children homeless.

Am I still married to this person in the sight of God?

I know that the Bible speaks of the divorced

wife, and any man who gets with her is an adulteress.

Please help me to get an understanding of this."

Look, the exemption that Jesus gave is very clear,

is except for the cause of infidelity.

Your husband was committing adultery.

When he did, he broke the marriage relationship,

and you, as a woman, are not bound any longer.

That marriage is over.

You know, you're still married?

No, you're not.

He broke it, and that adultery broke it.

And the other stuff he did would, you know,

be intolerable.

So you're free.

If the Lord gives you another spouse, by all means,

enter into the relationship knowing you are free.


All right.

This one from Mary, she says, "I know

this is probably a silly question, but my fiance

and I are setting our wedding date,

and we've been considering a Sunday.

Is it acceptable in God's eyes to get married on a Sunday,

since that is the day we should set aside only for him?"

Well, I think to solemnify your marriage on a Sunday

would be very appropriate.

[LAUGHING] I see no reason why not.

I think-- marriage is a sacrament.

It is one of the holy moments where you place yourself

in the sight of God.

So what would be a more appropriate thing

to do, on the Lord's day, than to enter

into that wonderful union that he's going to bless.

And to get that blessing on Sunday, by all means.

Most weddings aren't on Sunday though,

for some reason or other.

Maybe it conflicts with church services.

You can't get a church.

But most of them are on Saturday or some other time.

Yeah, most are on Saturdays.

I've heard of a few on Friday, but yeah, it

is unusual to have it on Sunday.


The churches aren't available.

People get married in church.

They can't-- there's no church available,

because they're having service.

All right.

Looks like you've got permission for Sunday there.



All right.

Shelley says, "Just wondering, Jesus is the great physician,

so when we ask for healing, why would he only heal

one thing instead of the multitude of things

wrong in our bodies?

I have several medical issues, Pat,

and you tell us to put our hands on the area

where we need healed.

I would need several extra hands to accomplish this.

Thank you."

I tell you, just put your hand over your head,

and receive it as the head of your whole body.

And just declare that my whole body is healed.

The Lord will do whatever you ask, because he loves you.

And it doesn't have to be, well, my eye hurts,

and he gets to heal that.

But you wonder sometimes, really,

when somebody does get specifically healed,

why the Lord didn't do it all.

But sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't.

So he's in charge, you know.

All I got to say is I just stand in awe

of the fact he'll do any of it.

But by all means, ask for what you want.

Ask and you shall receive, that your joy might be full.


I like the word Shalom.

It means nothing missing, nothing broken,

perfect wholeness.

So I just pray Shalom.

BOTH: Shalom.

PAT ROBERTSON: I like that.

All right.


PAT ROBERTSON: Nothing healed, nothing broke--

OK, this is from faith.

She says, "My mom and dad haven't gotten along for years


Yesterday, in a small argument, my mom

banned my dad from coming to see us.

I already lost my birth mom, and my birth father

abandoned me at a young age.

How can I deal with my adopted family crumbling apart?"


It's very hard.

It's very hard for a young person

to try to change the way adults around them act.

And I don't know how young you are

or how old they are, but it really rips the kid apart

to see--

you know, I remember two of my children, one was saying,

well, I love daddy, and the others say, I love mommy,

and the other one said, I love mommy and daddy.

And I think that's the way that--

we yearn to love our parents, and if they're tearing apart,

all I can say is pray.

And maybe you could talk to them and say,

would you do it for me, could you love each other?

You know, a little child should lead them.

Talking about the millennium time,

that's a little child with animals,

but nevertheless, the example of a little child

can have a huge impact on people.

All right, one last--

All right.

Ann writes in, she says, "The Bible

says that you have to be born of the water and Spirit

to enter the kingdom of heaven.

It also says that whoever calls on my name in the last days

shall be saved.

This verse doesn't say anything about the water and the Spirit.

I don't understand.

Can you please explain this to me?"

Well, I think in an emergency situation, whoever

calls upon the name the Lord will be saved.

I mean, you got a crisis and the world is collapsing around you,

and you say, oh God, save me.

And God will hear your prayer, and you haven't got time

to get baptized.

But I think the whole idea of water and spirit

has to do, you know, when a woman is pregnant

and she gets ready to give birth,

there's a bursting of waters.

And there's more symbolism involved than that

than just merely baptism.

And I think that the initial early birth is one thing.

We were born of flesh and blood, then

we were born of the Spirit.

So the Bible has all kinds of symbolism

to talk about what's happening to us,

because it is a spiritual experience.

It's very hard to get words to describe it all.

And so Jesus is basically saying,

if you're not renewed in this fashion,

you can't enter the Kingdom of God.


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