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CBN News in a Minute: Today's Top Headlines – July 28

CBN News in a Minute: Today's Top Headlines – July 28 Read Transcript

BEN KENNEDY: It's Friday, July 28, and here

is your CBN News Minute.

This is clearly a disappointing moment.

BEN KENNEDY: Obamacare remains the law of the land.

After a failed late-night vote on what's

being referred to as a skinny repeal,

Senate Republicans came up just one vote short

of approving a measure to dismantle parts of the law.

Senator John McCain passed a decisive no vote

giving a thumbs down, calling for the bill

to go back to committee, hold hearings, and get input

from both sides.

The president tweeted, "3 Republicans and 48 Democrats

let the American people down."

US military sources tell CBN News

that North Korea is getting ready to test yet

another intercontinental ballistic missile.

Now the top general in the Army is speaking out,

saying it will soon be time to take action.

CBN national security correspondent, Erik Rosales,

has a full report.

So stop in at for that story.

It's there.

You can also stay on top of the latest headlines.


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