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Ben Goldstein Interview While on Night Patrol in Judea

Ben Goldstein Interview While on Night Patrol in Judea Read Transcript


Ben is on patrol right now in Judea.

He joins us live via Skype.

Ben, tell us, do you do this every night?

Is it really necessary?

Yes, sir.

It's extremely necessary.

In order to keep the peace in the area,

in order to keep the enemy from getting

too close to the children sleeping behind me right now,

it's absolutely vital.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Have you had any recent confrontations, any intruders?

We have, even as recently as 11:15 last night.

Just around 24 hours ago, one of our cameras on the Eastern

sector that faced Bethlehem and face our eastern hill

alerted us to somebody that was trying

to come up the eastern hill towards our community, which

caused our security vehicle to immediately jump

to that area, as well as a very fast response

from the Israeli army.

They took him into custody.

And that's as far as I know right now.

So are you actually prevented a possible terrorist attack


Yes, sir.

Myself and the other members on our team, they did a great job,

and I might just be a small part of that.

What do most Israelis think of these patrols, Ben?

Are they supportive of you?


Every Israeli that has ever served

in the IDF, my friends, my brothers here,

they understand precisely why I do what I do.

They don't question it.

As a matter of fact, I picked up a police officer on the way

here, up the hill heard for this conversation.

And he said Ben, in Hebrew, he said

Ben, when you want, you to call me and I'll be there with you.

So they get it, and they are extremely appreciative.

Well Ben, tell me how this works, now.

Do people sign up for training?

Are they paid?

Do they volunteer to patrol?

How does that work?

No, sir.

We are not paid at all.

I'm a member of a rapid response team, a counter-terror response

team here in my community, which is

quite normal amongst the communities in Judea

and Samaria.

We're just fathers, husbands, people that are professionals.

That after a hard day at work, we always

know that our radio might go off at any moment.

We have to gear up, get out of that house, all hour

day and night, in order to put our bodies, and our emotions,

and our souls on the line in order

to protect these families.

We don't receive anything but the honor of doing so.

And that's enough for me.

Ben, you know most Americans probably

don't even know about this.

They don't know that you're on patrol there.

They don't know the threats against people as they sleep.

What can our viewers do to help you

in your efforts to protect Israelis from terror?

Well, first of all, here I stand on hallowed grounds.

I'm in the spinal column of Israel, Judea.

With Bethlehem to my back.

We can all pray for the peace of Israel.

We can all try to experience unity.

That alone will bring about a safer Israel, and a safer


Beyond that, there are so many fine organizations out there

that can help people just like me

do what I'm doing right now to make us feel like we have

brothers and sisters throughout the world, that truly do care.

And come to Israel.

Come visit me in Israel.

And experience it like never before.

It's a special place, Ben, and you're a special person

for what you're doing.

We will be praying.

Thank you.

Thank you and God bless you.

God bless you.

And God bless every single person watching this right now

you have my utmost respect.



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