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The Importance of Supporting Jewish People Around the World

The founder of Friends of Zion, Mike Evans, discusses the second phase of the Friends of Zion Heritage Center he founded 2 years ago in Jerusalem. Read Transcript

Well, Mike Evans is the founder of the Jerusalem Prayer


And two years ago, he opened The Friends

of Zion Museum inside the city.

Now he's beginning the museum's second phase

in telling the world about the unsung heroes of Israel.

NARRATOR: Dr. Mike Evans built The Friends

of Zion Museum two years ago to honor and recognize

those friends who have dedicated and sacrificed

their lives defending the cause of Jews everywhere.

CBN STAFF MEMBER: No one on this planet

has done more to bring people to understand

the importance of Christian people

supporting the nation of Israel like Dr. Michael Evans.

NARRATOR: Dr. Evans is excited to see the next phase become

a reality, which includes a global training

center, a research institute, and a social media

communications center which already

has 25 million followers.


Well, Mike Evans is here with us now and always a pleasure

to have you on the set.

DR. MIKE EVANS: Good to be back Gordon.


Well tell us about The Friends of Zion Museum.

Why is it so important to celebrate?

Well, heroes in history, how do you confront evil?

By the inspiration you draw from your heroes and your history.

And if you don't have heroes in history, you'll cave in.

Corrie ten Boom, it's my work in Holland,

she stood up and confronted injustice.

Because she had heroes in history, very important,

very important.


is it to communicate that to the people of Israel

All they're seeing

I think that when what I share with them

they're just surprised

Gordon there's an unspoken narrative in Israel.

It goes like this.

The Christians hated us.

The Christians persecuted us.

The Christians killed us.

We built the state of Israel and escaped from them.

Let's eat.

Now what did I just say?

The crusaders, the Inquisition, the pogroms, the Holocaust,

fake Christians, not real ones.

We are telling the story of real Christians.

And when Jewish people come through--

we had over 50,000 last year--

they come through, they say three things.

We're not alone.

We have hope.

Then they say, goosebumps, goosebumps.

So they're seeing real Christians

that love the Jewish people.

And it's a big deal.

All right, you're going up to have phase

two now on the museum.


What's involved with that?

Friends of Zion Heritage Center.

Israel cannot win the current wars.

The traditional wars they can win them, no problem.

But how do you win a proxy, an Intifada War,

like the Temple Mount going on right now?

Now, Let's talk about other wars, wars that you fight,


Spirit wars.

This is an intercessory ministry you have.

How do you win a spirit war?

How do you win ideological wars of ideas?

How do you win economic wars like the BDS?

How do you win communication and social network wars?

We're building a center.

We're building a communications center, a social network hub.

By the way, yes, we have over $26 million now.

We're growing by $80,000 a day.

And our goal is $100 million.

We got $4 million in a Muslim country, Indonesia.

So we're building to communicate with Millennials.

Millennials don't watch cable.

They tend to not watch cable.

Yeah, they're cord cutters.

It's their smartphones.

And they don't read newspapers, so 40%

of our world's Millennials.

So we're a communication center, a research institute, a think

tank, and an ambassador institute all around mobilizing

our people throughout the world.

Christian believers, you know there's a billion of them,

evangelical believers across the world.


What's your goal here?

What's the whole purpose of the museum?

Light, to be a bright light.

You know, Gordon, my mother was an Orthodox Jew.

I was named after my grandfather, great grandfather,

excuse me, Rabbi Mikel Katznelson,

who was burned to death in his synagogue

with Shimon Peres' grandfather, who was the Cantor

Rabbi in the same synagogue, 2000 Jews

were burned to death in that synagogue.

My mother told me as a kid, Christians kill Jews.

Christians hate Jews.

Jesus died.

Don't dig him up.

My mother never saw a real Christian.

And she only saw anti-Semites.

And by the way, my father was one of them.


He went to church every Sunday, Gordon.

But he strangled me at 11 and left me for dead

in my own dried vomit.

Because he thought my mother had an affair with a Jewish man.

And I cried out, why was I born?

In the moment I cried it out, Gordon, I knew the answer.

I couldn't defend my own mother against a Jew hater.

And God said, I'm going to give you a nation of Jews to defend.

I'll turn your pain into power, purpose, and passion.

So my obsession, my call, is to defend the Jewish people

and to be a light to the Nations.

You know, it's prophecy.

And you can preach it or you can live it.

I have a wonderful honor and joy of living it.

And you do too.

Let's look at the current situation,

the current situation with the Temple Mount.

It just doesn't seem to be solvable in the natural--

when you look at the natural.

How can there ever be peace?

It can't be solved in the natural.

It can't be.

Listen, I was at the Madrid Peace Conference.

And nobody would look each other in the eye, Gordon.

Because there was unforgiveness in the hearts.

There was unforgiveness.

You're talking about a deeper problem than politics.

And we understand it, as believers, this

is the spirit world.

There are principalities and powers.

We have to be light.

We have to battle against these things.

Because, you know, people are being gamed.

Systems are being gamed.

Governments are being gamed.

And they don't even know it's going on.

And they're pulling the strings.

So we believe in what we're doing.

We believe that believers have something to give

and something to share.

And we want to strengthen the Jewish people.

We want to st-- listen, if the ten Boom's could do it,

Casper, old man you can die in your bed

if you promise us not to save another Jew.

Caspar looked the Nazi's in the face and said,

the next Jew the knocks I will gladly bring in.

I would consider it an honor to give my life for God's chosen


Well, that's integrity and honor and courage and inspiration.

I want to have it, Gordon.

I want to have it for my son.

And by the way, my son Michael, says to me,

dad, the greatest hero of my life is you, the greatest hero.

I didn't have that in my father, Gordon.

But he has that in his son.


Well, you get more information on The Friends of Zion Museum

all by just going to

And Mike, thanks for being with us.


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