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Prayers and Faith Needed: Is War with North Korea on the Horizon?

Prayers and Faith Needed: Is War with North Korea on the Horizon? Read Transcript

What does that mean?

And what does that mean for the next election?

Well, in other news, the Army Chief of Staff

says time is running out to stop North Korea's nuclear missile


John Jessup has that story from our CBN News

bureau in Washington.


That's right, Gordon.

Military sources tell CBN News North Korea

is getting ready to test yet another intercontinental

ballistic missile.

And the top Army General is warning,

if something isn't done soon, the US

will have to take serious action.

CBN's national security correspondent, Erik Rosales,

has that story.

In a candid interview with the National Press Club,

US Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley

said North Korea is the biggest threat to America,

and we can no longer take a wait and see attitude.

War in the Korean peninsula would be terrible.

However, a nuclear weapon detonating in Los Angeles

would be terrible.

ERIK ROSALES: General Milley says the threat is serious,

and it's not going in a good direction.

He says North Korea is a country with a wide variety

of missiles, a sizable conventional force,

along with chemical and nuclear weapons.

A war in the Korean peninsula would be highly deadly.

It would be horrific.

The United States military in combination

with the South Korean military would utterly

destroy the North Korean military.

But that would be done at high cost.

ERIK ROSALES: But the general says we are at a point in time

where tough choices will have to be made.

And we are going to have to make conscious decisions that

are going to have significant consequences.

And I'll just stop there.

But it would be--

it's not going to be a pretty picture, I can tell you that.

It would be very violent.

ERIK ROSALES: Violent and very likely deadly for all

sides involved.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.

Thanks, Erik.

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