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A New Chapter at the White House: Can Kelly Bring Order to the West Wing?

A New Chapter at the White House: Can Kelly Bring Order to the West Wing? Read Transcript

It's a new chapter inside the White House

as General John Kelly gets ready to become President Trump's

new chief of staff.

But with this new chapter comes a host of challenges,

beginning with growing tensions overseas.

Congress has passed new sanctions on Russia

and the White House says the president will sign them.

Vladimir Putin, retaliating over the weekend,

with the expulsion of 755 US diplomats,

the largest forced reduction for the US

in Moscow in more than 100 years.

That comes amid growing tension with North Korea.

Kim Jong Un launched his second intercontinental ballistic

missile this month, saying his arsenal has the power to strike

the United States' mainland.

This is here.

They've been barking wolf about this.

Well, the wolf is at the door.

This is a very real threat to the United States.

JENNA BROWDER: In response, a show of force from US

warplanes as they flew over the Korean peninsula.

And President Trump is pointing the finger at China,

tweeting, "They do nothing for us with North Korea.

We will no longer allow this to continue."

The president wants China, which has more direct influence

on the regime than any other country,

to apply more diplomatic pressure.

Back at the White House, Kelly is

taking over an administration struggling

with competing factions, disputes, and leaks.

Kelley has a reputation for discipline

and he's tasked with bringing water to the West Wing.

And there's also another push on health care from the president,

as he encourages the Senate to come up with a plan,

despite its failure to pass an Obamacare repeal

bill last week.

You can't promise folks you're going to do something for seven

years and then not do it.

That's why he keeps coming back to this and saying,

look, Senate, do your job.

Congress, do your job.

Trump's presidency is only six months old,

But, already he's facing a huge list of challenges.

And to add to that, there's the whole Russian probe.

Now more than ever, he needs Kelly and the rest of his team

to help him succeed.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.



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