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Bible Studies at the White House: Who's at the Heart of This Spiritual Awakening?

Bible Studies at the White House: Who's at the Heart of This Spiritual Awakening? Read Transcript

JENNIFER WISHON: It's been called the most evangelical

cabinet in history, men and women

who don't mince words when it comes to where they

stand on God and the Bible.

RALPH DROLLINGER: These are godly individuals

that God has risen to a position of prominence in our culture.

JENNIFER WISHON: All handpicked by President Donald Trump

and Vice President Mike Pence.

RALPH DROLLINGER: I don't think Donald Trump's figured out

that he chained himself to the apostle Paul.

JENNIFER WISHON: Ralph Drollinger

is a former NBA playing giant of a man

with an even bigger calling.

He founded Capitol Ministries with the idea

that if you change the hearts of lawmakers,

then their Christian worldview will guide

them to make good policies.

He's started Bible studies in 40 state capitals, teachers

weekly studies in the US House and Senate,

and now leads about a dozen members

of President Trump's cabinet in weekly studies of the Bible.

Health secretary Tom Price, energy secretary Rick Perry,

education secretary Betsy DeVos, and CIA director Mike Pompeo

are just a few of the regulars.

It's the best Bible study I've ever taught my life.

They are so teachable.

They're so noble.

They're so learned.

Has this been done before in a cabinet formally?

RALPH DROLLINGER: I don't think there's

been a cabinet Bible study in America in at least 100 years.

JENNIFER WISHON: America's top cop,

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, also attends.

RALPH DROLLINGER: Like Jeff Sessions,

he'll go out the same day I teach him something,

and I'll see him do it on camera.

And I just think, man, these guys

are faithful, available, and teachable,

and they're at Bible study every week they're in town.

President Trump is invited to attend the Bible studies, too.

Each week, he receives a copy of Drollinger's teachings.

And when he can, Vice President Mike Pence will join the study.

In Pence, Drollinger sees similarities

to Joseph, Mordecai, and Daniel from the Bible,

all men who rose to the number two position in governments

at different times in history.

Mike Pence has respect for the office.

He dresses right, like it says Joseph cleaned himself up

before he went to stand before the Pharaoh.

Mike Pence has uncompromising biblical tenacity, and yet

a loving tone about him that's not just

a noisy gong or a clanging symbol.

And then fourthly, he brings real value

to the head of the nation.

JENNIFER WISHON: Like others, Drollinger

often compares President Trump to biblical strong man, Samson.

RALPH DROLLINGER: I just praise God for them,

and I praise God for Mike Pence, who I think, with Donald Trump,

chose great people to lead our nation.

JENNIFER WISHON: Jennifer Wishon, CBN News,

the White House.


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