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Doubting Woman Surprised by Miraculous Intervention

A form of Muscular Dystrophy hindered Elizabeth's mobility for 30 years. She prayed for healing, but after so long, she began to doubt that it would actually happen. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: When Elizabeth Chatka was young,

she was taking skiing lessons when she noticed something

wrong with her balance.

A visit to the doctor brought a disturbing diagnosis.

The disease is called FSH, which

is facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy.

So it causes weakness in your face, in your shoulders,

in your hips.

The muscle tissue just atrophies and it

doesn't regrow like it does in normal human biology.

NARRATOR: Elizabeth also learned that the disease

was hereditary.

As she got older, Elizabeth began to experience symptoms

similar to her mother's.

ELIZABETH: I always had pain.

I thought it was normal.

I always had sore shoulders.

I always had pain in my hips.

Those kinds of issues and this incredible fatigue.

So I'd have to watch my rest, and when everybody

would be out and about, I'd be ready for bed

so that I could function in my job the next day.

NARRATOR: Elizabeth and David married and had two children.

As time passed, her symptoms grew worse.

ELIZABETH: It was always daily adaptations and thinking

around how to get around.

DAVID: I had to get her up out of bed

in the morning toward the latter years, to get her into a shower

to have hot water come on her.

We were trying to figure out if we should sell our home

to eliminate steps.

I knew that the latter years of my life

were going to be pushing a wheelchair

unless the Lord healed her.

NARRATOR: Elizabeth was raised a Christian

and often prayed for healing.

However, by her late '40s, both she and her husband

began to doubt it would happen.

ELIZABETH: My mother had a saying

that this is our cross to bear, and she made it almost

like a family thing.

That probably was a part of my thinking.

DAVID: There comes a moment where you pray, and you pray,

and you pray-- and it was a 20 year prayer--

where you just stop, and we did.

NARRATOR: One Sunday in 2009, the couple

attended a Sunday service at their home church in Canada.

A guest pastor was preaching.

ELIZABETH: The guest speaker was speaking about his sermon

topic, and then he sort of simply stopped.

Someone here has weakening face muscles, is extremely fatigued,

has shoulder pain, sagging shoulders, sagging back.

Their hips are, weak and that person

will end up in a wheelchair if the Lord doesn't intervene,

and that person I am to say is healed in the name of Jesus.

Well my husband looked at me, and I looked at him

because this gentleman had just completely described

my symptoms.

NARRATOR: The guest pastor returned to his sermon.

ELIZABETH: And as the sermon finished,

there was this beautiful praise song, and at that moment,

I found myself able to lift my arms above my head

to praise the Lord.

DAVID: To see her arms go in the air, my jaw dropped.

I was in awe.

I was flabbergasted.

And then of course, the whole church watched it.

ELIZABETH: And I was in awe, in thankfulness,

and it was a great, joyful day.

NARRATOR: Elizabeth went home that day

to prepare a meal for her family and some guests with no pain.

ELIZABETH: I was in the door first,

and headed off to my kitchen, and started to prepare lunch,

and get the final hot food out on the table,

pulling things out of the fridge.

DAVID: She started picking up heavy objects

and putting them on top shelves.

You are in absolute suspended belief followed by a marvel.

NARRATOR: Since that day, Elizabeth has been pain free,

and has complete mobility.

ELIZABETH: I don't understand it.

It's mysterious.

Physical healing has an element of holy mystery

to it that I don't think we're ever

going to really understand.

I always believed that the Lord's power was there to heal.

Experiencing it yourself places things

on a totally different level.

I understand his grace in a more powerful way

than I ever have before, and I know

that I know that he did this.

That can't be shaken and that's a gift.

That's a great gift from my Savior who loves me.

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