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9-Year-Old Indiana Girls Shares Message Outside Abortion Clinic: 'Let Your Baby Live'

9-Year-Old Indiana Girls Shares Message Outside Abortion Clinic: 'Let Your Baby Live' Read Transcript

The video of a 9-year-old Indiana girl ministering

outside of an abortion clinic is making its rounds

on the internet.

Briana, who's full name we're not releasing for privacy

reasons, can be seen wearing a headset

to amplify her voice in a video that's been viewed by millions.

She can be seen sharing the gospel

and pleading with women waiting inside the clinic

to choose life.

Briana joins us along right now with family friend,

Amy Schlichter, who shot the now viral video.

Thank you guys for being with us today.

Oh, thanks for having us.

First of all, Briana, I understand

that you went with your family to the abortion

clinic that day.

Why did you want to go?

Just because last time when we went,

I feel like we all made a change there for a lot to be there.


And how did you get the headset, so that you could talk directly

to the women inside the clinic?

I asked Brian if I could use it.

He handed it to me.

REPORTER: And what did you tell the women?

What did you say on the headset that day?

I was asking them to come out, and we'll help them.

If they choose like to keep their kid,

we'll help pay for some of the tings.

And if they choose to have their kid adopted,

then we can help with that too.

Just like we'll help you and everything, things like that.

REPORTER: And why do you think it's important, Briana,

to speak out about abortion?

Because it's little children that

are being murdered and killed.

And they're alive.

They have a heart beat.

So they're human like us.

It's just the only difference is they can't say no.


Well Amy, you are the one who picked up your cell phone

to record Briana's message.

Tell us about that.

Well, I've known Briana since she was a baby.

I'm friends with her mother, and have been for a long time.

And I'm also the Executive Director of Hoosiers for Life.

And we do community work.

And one of the things that we do is stand at the clinic.

And so, her mom showed interest in getting involved in serving

the women at the clinic.

And so, Briana came with her mother.

And was that the second time or the third time

you had been down there with me?


Second time.

So we loaded in our van and headed on down for the day.

And why did you think it was such a moment that you

needed to capture?

What was it that she was saying that it

made you feel like other people needed to hear that?

Briana's always had a bold personality for her age.

She's had a very interesting life so far that--

she's had some medical difficulties and things.

There was actually a time where her mother

didn't know if Briana was even going to be here.

And so, primarily, I had done it because I

wanted her mom to see.

Just because I care about this little girl.

And I thought it was a bold move for her

to pick up that headset.

I'm so sorry about that.

It's something that I haven't even done.

And so, when Briana grabbed it I knew that she

was going to say something.

And I was just very curious of what

she had to say in her heart.

And she surprised all of us, I think.


I sang a song that I made up.

And I told them how old I was, and how

I didn't think the song was great,

but then I realized it was.

Briana had written a song.

And she did sing that to them as well.

And it beautiful.

REPORTER: Beautiful.

Well Amy, what do you say to critics

who argue that children shouldn't be allowed

to do something like this?

That that's no place for a child to be.

What do you say to that?

Well, I think the first false part of thinking

is that Briana doesn't have a mind of her own,

because that's simply not true.

She has a personality and thoughts of her own.

And it doesn't take--

I'm sorry.

It just doesn't take a rocket scientist

to figure out that abortion is murder.

And so, Briana captured that reality.

And she was able to convey that to the women.

She was not coerced or anything.

She just did it on her own, and we're very proud of her

for that.

I think any time you have good work there will always

be critics.

And especially the good things of God, there

will always be people that do not agree.

And that's OK, because we stand with God on this.

Right, Briana?

And we're just super proud of her.

REPORTER: Excellent.

Tell me.

What's the response been to the video?

I understand it's gotten over a million views.

Probably mixed reaction?

Yes, there is.

There has been a mixed reaction.

We were just saying earlier, people

that are against that video and anything

similar like that tend to have a very loud voice.

And Christians on just a average level

tend to be a little more reserved sometimes

with their thoughts.

So it seemed like for the longest couple of hours

that we are getting a lot of reaction that was negative.

But in fact, the reinforcements have come in.

And we have had a very strong positive reaction to it.

So we're very blessed.

REPORTER: Excellent.

Well, we want to say kudos to Little Miss

Briana for being so bold for Jesus, for God, and for life.

Thank you so much for all that you have done

and all that you're going to do.

We know you're going to do some mighty things for God.

Thank you guys so much for being with us, Amy and Briana, today.


Thank you very much for having us.

You're welcome.


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