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Pursue the Dreams God Gave You

Pastor and author Luke Barnett talks about chasing our God-sized dreams and visions. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Luke Barnett is the oldest son of mega pastor Tommy


But Luke had no desire to follow in his dad's footsteps.

He wanted to play golf.

Though he traveled around the world playing

the sport he loved, Luke felt like he

was dying on the inside.

In his book, "The Dream Centered Life,"

Luke shares how he figured out the true course for his future

and offers ways we can find direction in our own lives.

Pastor Luke Barnett joins us now.

And we welcome you to Interactive.

Thank you.

The dream that God has birthed in you

and brought to fruition today that's still

on its way, that's not what originally you thought

you were going to be doing.

You wanted to be a golfer.

It's a little different than what you're doing today.

Yeah, that was my childhood dream growing up.

And I pursued it and got to a certain level.

I became a kind of a local pro, doing the mini tours

in Arizona.

But that's a pretty competitive field out there.

And one day, my dad asked me a question that

just kind of changed my life.

He said, if a pastor ever calls you and asks

you to speak at their church, I think

you ought to do it just to see if that's what God has for you.

HOSTESS: Seemingly benign.

Yeah, I thought, I'm a golfer.

No one's going to ask a golfer to come preach at the church.

I thought I was safe.

But I agreed to do it if someone should call.

And two weeks later, a pastor called from Goodyear, Arizona.

His name is Eugene Heiskell.

And he said, I don't know you, i don't know your dad,

but I just feel inspired to have you come preach at our church.

HOSTESS: Out of the blue.

Yeah, and so I, of course, accused my dad right away

and said, you set this whole thing up.

And he said, I didn't set it up.

But you said that if God opened a door, you'd walk through it.

HOSTESS: So how'd that go for you?

Well, I didn't know what to do.

So I just took one of my dad's sermons and I memorized it.

And I got up there and I stumbled and stammered.

It was probably the worst sermon ever preached

in the history of all sermons, but when

I got to the altar call, the invitation time,

that was very natural.

And I felt the power of God upon my life during that moment,

and I gave the invitation and a woman

came forward and accepted the Lord that night.

And that moment changed my life forever.

I thought, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

So how did you begin to move into that?

Because prayer played a big part in it.

And if we're going to be seeking God's plan and God's

divine purpose for our lives, we need to hear from Him.

LUKE BARNETT: That's right.

So what did you do?

Well, I became a pastor.

I traveled for a few years as an evangelist,

became a pastor, pastored two churches,

kind of getting my feet wet a little bit.

And when I pastored those churches,

I just did everything that I watched my dad do

growing up in the church.

I call it living on a second hand revelation,

just doing what your parents do.

And God blessed it.

God blesses obedience.

And the churches grew by addition.

But I always wondered why the church just

didn't experience that supernatural surge that I

saw happening all around--

HOSTESS: That explosion.


And so in 2013, my dad passed the baton

of what was then Phoenix First Assembly, which was already

a mega church, on to me.

And when I got that baton in my hand,

immediately I felt this depression, or pression, kind

of fall upon me.

And what I really believe it was was I knew in my heart

that I didn't have a God-sized dream

for the future of that church.

And that church had always been led by a man of God

who had a God-inspired vision.

And so I did the only thing I knew how to do.

I went up on the side of the mountain behind the church,

and I went on a 40 day Daniel fast

and ate nothing but bird seed and leaves and twigs,

but I felt the hunger pangs during that time.

But I really wanted God's dream more than I wanted food during

that time and I knew I could not pastor that church without


HOSTESS: You were desperate.

I was desperate.

And I found out during that time that our church

was-- this was in 2013.

I found out that our church was 90 years old

and we'd be 100 years old in 2023.

And so I said, God, what do you want our church

to look like in 2023?

How will we function?

What will the ministries look like?

And God downloaded a five pronged--

HOSTESS: What did He say to you?


Well, we are already very successful in the arts

in our city.

So one of the things He said was,

you're going to redeem the arts and you're

going to bring the arts back to the church.

And so for example, our Christmas production,

we have 17 performances.

We have 65,000 people attend--

HOSTESS: Good grief.

Our Christmas performance.

So it's a Broadway style show.

We were already good at that.

But God said, you're going to be the arts hub of Arizona.

No longer will ASU and U of A be doing the Broadway shows,

it's going to be right here in Phoenix.

And so now, from that time on, we do a summer musical.

We just finished "The Little Mermaid"

and we sold 7,500 tickets.

It's the biggest thing going in town.

But that has built a bridge for the arts community

all around us.

And they come and they perform.

They meet people, and they wind up finding the Lord.

And say, you're normal.

That's exactly right.

Just like us.

So that was just one of the things.

And another thing was that we were going

to be a multi-site campus.

My dad's vision was always to have the big campus.

And we have the most gorgeous campus.

But from that point onward, we opened three more campuses

in the past three and 1/2 years.

HOSTESS: That's huge right there.

Yeah, and so our dream in the next 20 years

is to plant a campus in every city of Arizona

and to wrap the whole state in the web of God's love

and just--

HOSTESS: And truth, because that's

something that seems so missing in our culture today.

And it really is our responsibility--


When we know what that is to integrate into God's creation.

So for you personally, as you wrote this book--

I want to mention.

There's an amazing book he's written.

It's not quite out.

August 15--

LUKE BARNETT: That's correct.

Is that right?

"The Dream Centered Life: Discovering What Drives You."

What do you want people to take away from the book

when they read it?

The most important thing I want people to know is that God

does have a dream for their life, a God-sized dream,

and the most fulfilled that a person will ever be

in their life is when they, first of all,

believe that God has a dream for their life.

If they don't believe that, then they're

not going to discover it.

You've got to believe.

And then I think you have to be still long enough to actually

hear those promptings and leadings

from the Holy Spirit in your life

to get a hold of God's dream.

And then you have to be aware.

So it's about believing and then being still long enough

and then being aware of the promptings

and the leadings of God all throughout your day

so you can begin to live out that dream.

But the thing that I want people really to understand

is that the most fulfilled they'll ever

be in their life is when they find God's dream

and they live it out, because that's

where all the fun begins.

That's where the adventure begins.

A few months ago, I was talking to my dad

and I'm out there on the limb now,

because we have four campuses.

And I'm figuring things out as we go along.

And I'm like, oh, man, my adrenaline is pumping

and my blood pressure is high.

And my dad says, look at you, Luke.

And he said, you're living the dream.

This is where all the excitement is.

You're right there on the edge.

And that's where the miraculous takes place.

And so when you receive that God-sized dream,

it's not the promise of an easier

life, but a fulfilling life.

HOSTESS: And that need to realize--

I mean, really realize--

that it all depends on God.

He's just asking us to stay close to him

and He'll run in front of us.

We just follow Him.

That never ends.

That's exactly right.

The branch you're on now is not

the branch you're going to be on the next year.

I hate to tell you that.

That's so true.

It's true.

That reminds me of my dad--

he's 80 years old, and seeing Dr. Robertson here today

reminded me that--

I said, Dad, why do you keep going?

You're 80 years old.

You could just play golf every day and enjoy life.

This is what my dad said to me.

He said, the reason why I don't give up and I keep going

is because I believe that God is going

to use my life to do one more great thing on planet Earth.

I don't know what it is, but maybe I

haven't reached my for such a time as this moment yet.

I though, oh, man that's how--

I'm with him.

I believe that God is using us and speaking

to us until the moment we slip into heaven.

That's right.

Well, you're doing a wonderful work out in Arizona.

I want to mention the book again,

because it's a book for all of us.

Luke Barnett's book is called "The Dream Centered Life."

It's going to be released in a couple of weeks on August 15.

To find out how you can preorder a copy, all you have to do

is go to

But it's a great book--

"Discovering What Drives You."

If you're looking for purpose in your life,

get hold of this book.

It's well worth the read.

Thank you so much.

Great to have you here.

Thank you


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