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CBN's David Brody on Gen. Kelly and What's Next in the White House

CBN's David Brody on Gen. Kelly and What's Next in the White House Read Transcript

Our CBN News political correspondent David Brody

is with us right now.

And David, let's start with Kelly.

Is General Kelly-- was he responsible for Scaramucci's


Who made that decision?

Hundred percent, John Kelly responsible for it.

Not a question in anybody's mind.

Donald Trump would admit that.

John Kelly would admit that as well.

And everybody within the West Wing too.

Look, this is the general's show.

And the good news for John Kelly is that he is in charge.

And if you think about it, President Trump

needs John Kelly probably more than John Kelly needs this job.

I mean, this is a guy who's 67 years old.

He's been in the military 46 plus years.

You, know, he's had a wonderful, wonderful life.

So he's in a position of strength.

And one thing we know, Pat, about Donald Trump,

he loves those generals.

You know, he talked a lot about General Patton.

Boy, he loved Patton.

He sees John F. Kelly, James Mattis, these guys,

in that same vein, if you will.

And I think that's going to help here.

Reince Priebus, no disrespect here,

he was younger, 45, an RNC guy.

General Kelly, much different.

67 and a general.

He's a peer of Donald Trump's.

Hopefully it'll make a difference.

What about Jared Kushner?

Does he come under the orbit of Kelly or is he an independent?

Well, on paper he comes under the order of Kelly.

And the working arrangement at this point,

and we'll see how far this point goes,

is that he will be under Kelly, that he will report to Kelly,

and then Kelly, everything will funnel through,

which is what a chief of staff is typically supposed to do.

Now having said that, the last time I checked, hold on,

Jared Kushner is the president's son-in-law.

And, of course, Ivanka Trump is there as well.

And so look, the kids are going to have access.

I mean, whether it be after hours,

whether it be in the hallway.

I mean, clearly the kids are going

to have access to their father.

So the question then becomes, how

do you do this during normal business hours

and can there be a chain of command?

But I think John Kelly is basically telling the kids

and others to say, look, if you want your father slash

father-in-law to be successful, you need to get in line.

Let's get this thing straightened out.

All right, we were starting to talk about Venezuela.

It is a bubbling cauldron down there.

The Cubans obviously are manipulating

the Venezuelan military.

Is anybody got any really significant steps it takes.

Sanctions, to my point of view, are not

going to stop what's being done down there.

Well, sanctions as you said, Pat, a slap on the wrist.

The White House acknowledges that this is just a first step.

They're thinking about sanctions as it

relates to the oil sector, what they can do down there.

That is on the table.

They said it yesterday that it's on the table.

The question is will they go there?

Now I will say this.

If there's going to be any president is going to quote go

there, it'll be Donald Trump.

I don't think there's any question about that, especially

when it comes to trade and oil.

It's an area that he knows well and is able to navigate.

And so I think there's that possibility.

One of the problems for Maduro right now

is that he's now on Twitter trashing the president.

And quite frankly, if you're going to go that route,

I don't think you're going to out tweet the tweeter in chief.

So I think that might not be the best strategy.

But those poor Venezuelans-- is just terrible what's being


That country was one of the richest in the whole world.

It has probably the first or second oil

reserves in the world, and it's being

trashed by that bunch that's taken over.

With Hugo Chavez leading the way.

He's dead now.

Well, the good news here, Pat, is

that John F. Kelly has some experience

as it relates to Venezuela and some of his military career.

And you have Marco Rubio, and quite a few other senators,

but especially Rubio, who has been very hard on Maduro

for a long time.

We've had conversations with him about that.

And he has obviously access to the Oval Office.

I guess he'll have to go through John Kelly now.

But the point is that he has the president's ear on Maduro.

And he's been very, very strong in coming out against Maduro

for a very long time now.

Well, we'll keep watching it, David.

It's a serious thing.


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