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Getting to Know Sarah Huckabee Sanders: 5 Things You Didn't Know

Getting to Know Sarah Huckabee Sanders: 5 Things You Didn't Know Read Transcript

White House Press, Secretary Sarah Sanders.

You're kidding me, she's joining us now?


From the White-- look.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, how are you today?

I'm doing wonderful, how are you guys?

I'm doing great.

Hey, here's some breaking news for you.

I'm not going to ask you about Russia right off the top.

What do you think of that?

I like it, we're off to a good start already.

OK, great.

So you'll stay, obviously.

The economy, the stock market.

It's up big time or huge, as this president

would like to say.

I know Dan Pfeiffer the other day said, thanks Obama,

that the president should be saying thanks Obama.

That was that a bit of a swipe.

What's the sense there?

Look, the economy is at a great position.

The stock market is at an all time high,

unemployment is the lowest it's been in 16 years,

and a lot of that is due to the president creating

consumer confidence again.

He's giving companies confidence again to build, to grow,

and he's gotten rid of so many regulations,

I think they're up to like over 800 deregulations that

have taken place over the first six months

that he's taken office.

It's a huge deal, it's really created the type of economy

that he campaigned on, that he promised on,

and now he's delivering on.

Hey, I have to ask you.

We just got some news this morning

that the President did indeed sign the Russian sanctions


Can you elaborate on that a little bit?

He did, he signed that just within the last hour,

as we put out a statement earlier this weekend

letting everyone know that he had planned to sign that.

It went through a legal review and we have been very clear

since the beginning that this administration

is going to be tough on Russia, tough on North Korea,

tough on Iran, and certainly wanted

to be supportive of those sanctions,

but also wanted to do so properly.

And we had a full legal review of that bill

before he signed it and there's a signing statement

that is part of that, that will be out here shortly.

And Sarah, on the topic of the mainstream media,

a lot of Americans think that the fix

is in for this president when it comes to a lot of journalists.

Do you agree?

Do you think a lot of these guys are out to get him?

You know, I've never seen the level of hostility

that we have with today's mainstream media.

I've been in politics a long time.

And even a pretty hostile media when my dad first took office

in Arkansas, but it pales in comparison to the day

in, day out attacks that are taking place on this president.

I think in large part, some of them

are still upset that he won.

But mostly, I think they're upset that they were wrong.

These were a lot of people that said Donald Trump had no chance

to be president.

They talked about it day in, day out on TV shows,

and now they're having to eat their words pretty publicly.

And I think that's a big part of one of the reasons they dislike

this president, is because he proved them wrong once again,

just like he's done every day since he took office

just over six months ago.

Well, Sarah, we're getting a lot of love for you

on Facebook.

We have one question.

This comes from Sylvia Sanchez, she

writes, how does she stay calm when the media is attacking her

with the repeated questions?

Stay strong, you're doing a great job.

What would you say to her?

I think for me, it's real simple.

And I know people have heard me talk about this before,

but I'm a mom of three preschoolers,

they're five, three and half, and two.

So one, I'm used to multitasking.

Two, I'm used to answering the same question over and over

and over again, and I'm used to the answer not always going

over well and a lot of crying and screaming

after those answers come out.

So sometimes, I think being a mom

has perfectly prepared me to deal with the press corps

day in, day out.

Yeah, kids running around at home with ketchup on the wall,


Right, I gotcha.

The bigger question, why, why.

Yeah absolutely, something like that.

Yeah, along those lines.

Hey look, let me ask you, this week it wasn't really reported

too much, but David Friedman obviously was there

talking to the president as it relates

to the embassy in Jerusalem and a lot of other things.

The Temple Mount crisis, Jared Kushner, and Jason Greenblatt,

all involved.

Can you give us a little sense of what that meeting was like?

Do you have any if not details, just the flavor

of what that meeting was like?

Because our folks here, are obviously

very important to Israel, Israel's big.


So this was a meeting that actually

had been planned for awhile, but it obviously, I think,

took on a greater significance.

There's a lot of progress being made.

Jason Greenblatt, as you mentioned,

Ambassador Freidman, and Jared had taken a very active role

in being part of the process in the Middle East,

in trying to deescalate things there.

And they're having some gradual success,

and we're going to continue working on

that, it's a big priority for the administration

and certainly for those individuals.

And I think it shows what a priority it

is for this administration by the people

that the president's chosen to take on and lead that effort.

John F. Kelly.

He is the general in charge.

Well, we know who the real chief of the staff

is, that would be the president.

But the Chief of Staff, John F. Kelly,

told me a little bit about what he means to this White House

and specifically, what skill set he brings that you

think will be beneficial there?

This is a guy who is a--

probably if you put leader in the dictionary,

you would see his picture next to it.

I mean, he's incredibly successful in the military,

he's been, I think, somebody who's

taken on some really big challenges in the military

at Department of Homeland Security

and been very successful.

He's managed large teams and this is, I

think, something that he was born to do.

He has stepped in on the first couple of days and, I think,

really taken charge.

Set a great tone across the White House

and we're all really excited to be here and work with him

and promote the president's agenda.

And Sarah, you know, like David said,

the president is the real, real Chief of Staff, the big kahuna,

of course, but as you know, he likes to go rogue sometimes.

He's kind of a maverick, especially when it

comes to Twitter.

Being the Press Secretary, how do you manage that?

Look, I think the President's Twitter account is--

and all of his social media platforms,

he now has over 110 million people on social media

that he can connect with in a matter of seconds.

You mentioned the hostile media, I

think that his ability to speak directly to the American people

is always a plus.

And some days, maybe it's a little more challenging

for the rest of us, but if this was easy,

everybody would do it.

And this is a president who loves to talk directly

to the American people.

It's one of the reasons I think he was elected, because he has

that ability to reach out directly

through those social media platforms.

I think that's a positive and something that we should

certainly elevate and let him have fun

with from time to time.

You know, I know your father well.

I think you know him pretty well too, I would think,

he's your father.

I hope so.

Yeah, I hope so.

Any certain lessons from your dad here?

Because boy, this is politics, it's and communications,

it's bless your heart on certain days.

How do you--

What kind of advice has he given, or at least

lessons that you can pick up from him?

I think the most important thing

that he has told me, whether it's this job or anything

else in life, is to be yourself, be honest, and be who you are.

Don't try to be someone different,

don't let the job change you.

And, you know, I think that's always been, hopefully,

my approach to everything I do.

Not just whether it's here in the White House,

but anything before and beyond this

is to be myself, be true to myself,

and certainly be faithful to God.

And in that process, be open and speak out about those things

as well.

Sarah, speaking of God, we know

that you're outspoken about your faith,

you don't back away from it.

What role does it play in your life?

I mean, it's a--

I think if anybody of authentic faith,

it has to be the primary thing that drives everything

that you do.

Some people want to say you can separate

your faith from your work.

I feel very much the opposite of that,

I think your faith defines who you are,

and I'm certainly not going to shy away from that.

That's a big part of who I am and is something

I'm more than happy to talk about openly

and answer any question about it.

The only challenge is sometimes making sure

that it's the right platform and the right location

and environment in which to do that, in the appropriate place.

Very nice.

Sarah Huckabee, always a pleasure though.

I've got to tell you before we let you go,

I've got a quick little lightning round.

You're going to like this, believe me.

Don't worry, there's no buzzers.

Believe you, all right, David, we'll see.

We have a bottle of turtle wax after this for you.

There's no wrong answer, right?

There's no-- all right, so what was your--

what was your first job, do you remember your first job?

Yeah, so I guess my first job, I actually worked

for a general contractor.

And I was really close, he had a huge company.

I came in, I was supposed to file stuff for him

and help him out.

I thought that was boring, so I ended up

going out on the construction sites with him.

I would do the walks and I absolutely loved it,

and it was something different than probably anything I've

ever done before or would ever do again.

Oh I love it, that's so great.

OK Sarah, a morning person or a night owl?

It kind of depends on the day.

My kids are early risers and so I've kind of been forced

to become a morning person.

Also working in the press, that starts pretty early

in the morning.

So as long as I have a big cup of coffee,

I can get on board pretty quickly with the morning

and don't mind.

Which is the next question.

What do you eat for breakfast?

Is it coffee and I'm out the door, or is there oatmeal?

What's going on there?

Usually coffee, maybe a protein bar

driving into the office or oatmeal once I get here,

or something like that.

Texting or phone calls?

I'm definitely a texter.

I'm not-- if I can text it or email it,

I will usually always do that over a phone call.

Twitter or Instagram?

Lately, I guess probably more Twitter than Instagram.

I keep it pretty separate.

My Twitter is work-related, my Instagram is more personal.

So I guess it depends on what I'm doing that day.

And finally, Sarah, one word that best

describes who you are.

Geez, that's a little bit harder.

Maybe you guys could answer that question better than I could.

I would like it to be just maybe easy going.

I don't know if that's the best word.

It's hyphenated

I think so, I think I like it.

It works.

I may have to come--

let me think on that one.

I'll come back.

On the next interview, you can ask that one again

and I'll have a better answer for you.

Well, I'll tell you this.

Up front and amiable for sure, a couple of words that

come to mind.

Sarah, we really appreciate your time.

Thanks for playing along with us.

We will send the turtle wax to you at some point.

What's the address, is it 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

I think that's right, I think so.

Thanks so much, Sarah.

All right, thank you guys.


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