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Sharyl Attkisson: Trump Correct to Call Russian Probe a 'Witch Hunt'

Sharyl Attkisson: Trump Correct to Call Russian Probe a 'Witch Hunt' Read Transcript

JENNA BROWDER: Well, at these press briefings,

it seems like Russia is a recurring topic day in

and day out.

And the president, he's calling this whole probe a witch hunt.

Well, I spoke with one highly, highly respected journalist,

Sharyl Attkisson, and she says the president

may be onto something.

Here's a clip from our interview.

President Trump says that this Russian probe

is a political witch hunt.

You have James Comey, who admitted to leaking documents

to spur on the special counsel, and then the special counsel

is Robert Mueller, who's one of his friends,

and then Robert Mueller goes and hires friends of the Clintons.

Is President Trump onto something?

Is this a political witch hunt?

SHARYL ATTKISSON: To the extent it's

been blown out of what, I think, is

the proportion of all reason--

the Russian investigation, and the idea of collusion

with Russia.

Yes, he is on to something.

President Trump is correct when he

says that this is a witch hunt, in some respect,

based on the evidence to date.

And based on President Obama's own intel experts who

not only didn't see any evidence of collusion between Donald

Trump and the Russians by their own account,

but also by the account of all public information--

Democrats and Republicans alike--

who haven't seen the connection.

And yet you've seen it dominate the news narrative.

I call it like the Brady Bunch--

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.

You just hear Russia, Russia, Russia all the time,

and there have been wildly incorrect reports

from some formerly top well-respected news

outlets in the nation about all of this, and in some cases

they haven't even corrected or done mea culpas

when what they've reported has been found to be false.

It's not that the Russia question doesn't deserve

some investigation, but the coverage for it

is so wildly disproportionate to the evidence at large.

DAVID BRODY: You know, Jenna, that's a big deal.

That interview that you did with her

because she's not just a respected reporter who

used to work for CBS, and the mainstream networks,

and all of that.

She's a respected investigative reporter.


DAVID BRODY: That has some serious chops.

She didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday.

So for Sharyl Attkisson to say that,

and basically-- not basically, confirming

that what Donald Trump says that this is a political witch

hunt against him.

She's saying, hold on.

She's saying yes.


DAVID BRODY: I mean she is.

She wasn't really hedging it much.


DAVID BRODY: And that's pretty powerful.

JENNA BROWDER: She is a sharp lady

and we also, in this interview, we talked about her new book

that she has coming out.

It's called "The Smear--

How Shady Political Operatives and Fake

News Control What You See, What You Think, and How You Vote."

I think a lot of you would probably really like this book.

Very fascinating.

Again, that's Sharyl Attkisson and great interview.


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