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A Message for N. Korea? US Test-Fires ICBM Days after North’s Missile Launch

A Message for N. Korea? US Test-Fires ICBM Days after North’s Missile Launch Read Transcript

Well, the US military successfully

test launch an intercontinental ballistic missile

from California Wednesday, just days

after North Korea's second test of an ICBM.

CNN's national security correspondent

Erik Rosales takes a closer look at the conflict

and the new approach the US is taking

trying to get Kim Jong-un to the table.

Early Wednesday morning the United States sent a strong

message to North Korea and its leader Kim Jong-un.

An unarmed Minuteman 3 missile was

launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base about 130 miles

Northwest of Los Angeles.

An Air Force statement said that the test was not in response

to the recent actions by North Korea,

but shows that America's nuclear enterprise is, quote,

safe, secure, effective, and ready

to be able to deter, detect and defend

against attacks on the United States and its allies.

Last week, North Korea tested an ICBM for the second time.

The missile flew for 45 minutes and traveled more than 2,300

miles into space.

Analysts said the missile could have reached cities

like Los Angeles, and Chicago.

In a disturbing development, the missile

came down right in the middle of busy commercial air space.

Flight data shows an Air France 777 jetliner

with 323 people board was traveling from Tokyo to Paris

and passed the area.

10 minutes later, the North Korean missile

came down on the plane's direct flight path.

The crew of this plane had no idea that they were in danger,

because the missile was coming in from outer space.

And what if this missile had broken up

at altitude and scattered pieces all around?

It would have made it even more dangerous.

The Pentagon has said North Korea's missile

launches are done with no coordination and are reckless.

Meanwhile, the United States through the State Department

has taken a softer approach with North Korea,

telling the cloak country and its leader

that the United States is not your enemy.

We do not seek a regime change.

We do not seek the collapse of the regime.

We do not seek an accelerated reunification of the peninsula.

We do not seek an excuse to send our military north

of the 38th parallel.

However, in the same breath, Press Secretary Tillerson

said the United States still requires

North Korea to end its missile and nuclear program.

And although he said the US seeks dialogue with the north,

he added that, quote, our other options are not attractive.

Later this week, Secretary Tillerson

plans to head to Asia for a security meeting.

It's expected to be attended by diplomats from North Korea,

Japan, South Korea, and China.

It could be an opportune moment for diplomatic breakthrough.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.


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