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Why Trump Is Calling This Immigration Plan the 'Most Significant in Half a Century' 

Why Trump Is Calling This Immigration Plan the 'Most Significant in Half a Century'  Read Transcript

President Trump is making good on campaign promises.

When it comes to immigration, he's

endorsing a new plan that aims to overhaul the current system.

This legislation demonstrates our compassion

for struggling American families who deserve an immigration

system that puts their needs first

and that puts America first.

JENNA BROWDER: Standing with senators Tom Cotton and David

Perdue, Trump pushed their bill to slash legal immigration

in half.

The measure would put skilled workers and English speakers

at the front of the line and limit admissions

based on family connections.

Over 50% of our households of legal immigrants

today participate in our social welfare system.

JENNA BROWDER: The legislation was first introduced

in February but didn't get much traction.

And now already, some fellow Republicans

are speaking out against it.

This idea of skewing the entire green card

pool to one area of the economy I think is very misplaced.

JENNA BROWDER: Senator Lindsey Graham

says he supports merit-based immigration,

but worries about the legislation's

impact on agriculture, tourism, and service industries.

Democrats call it an affront to American values and a threat

to the US economy.

And White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders

appeared on CBN's "Faith Nation,"

where she talked about the president signing

a new bill on sanctions with Russia, North Korea, and Iran

despite calling it seriously flawed

and something that limits his ability to negotiate.

We have been very clear since the beginning

that this administration is going to be tough on Russia,

tough on North Korea, tough on Iran,

and certainly wanted to be supportive of those sanctions,

but also wanted to do so properly.

JENNA BROWDER: At the same time, Republicans are pushing ahead

with plans for tax cuts.

And some senators are taking a different approach

on health care reform.

Days after the Republican effort to repeal and replace Obamacare

crumbled in the Senate, some lawmakers

say they're reaching across the aisle to work together.

I think we can resolve those problems,

but it's going to take more bipartisan work.

We have a lot of bipartisan discussions going on right now,

more than we've had in months.

JENNA BROWDER: But not all Republicans

think they'll be able to reach a deal with Democrats.

And President Trump says he's not giving up either.

But if the effort fails again, he

says Obamacare will have to run its course.

Let Obamacare explode.

It is exploding right now.

You know, I said from the beginning,

let Obamacare implode.

And then do it.

President Trump is looking for wins wherever they may be.

That's why he's moving forward on immigration and tax reform

while still holding out for health care.

Reporting in Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

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