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Bring It On-Line: - August 3, 2017


We're going to take some time to ask Pat some of the email

questions that you've sent in.

And Pat, this first one comes from Linda, who says,

"Is it wrong to go to the casino once in a while?

I know other couples take dance lessons,

they drink socially, et cetera.

But we don't.

We just play the penny machines and stay to ourselves.

Just need some guidance here."


Look, I don't see anything wrong with going

to the casino as such.

But look, keep in mind, gambling is a terrible addiction,

and the people who are hooked on it,

they're destroying their lives.

And the whole thing that's wrong with gambling

is you're tempting God.

You're saying, I'm putting $1,000 on the line

that I'll pull an inside straight, or I'll get a flush,

or I can get another ace, or whatever.

Or I'm going to pull that handle, and it'll come down.

If all you're doing is you've got a couple of bucks

and you just want to have some fun,

I don't see anything wrong with it.

But keep in mind, your example may--

what it'll do to somebody else.

But you asked if it's wrong to go to the casino.

But once you begin to get hooked on gambling

and you begin to think it's a way of making money,

then you're in serious trouble.

That's the problem.


Yeah, this is Roxanne who says, "There's

a company in Wisconsin that is microchipping their employees.

Is this the start of the cashless society?

Shouldn't we get the word out that this is not a good thing

and not to take it?

Your thoughts, please."

Well, you know, the Bible says the time will come,

the so-called Antichrist and the false prophet,

that everybody will have a mark on their hand

or on their forehead, and they can't buy or sell without that


And you know, we have now tattoos,

and so forth, and microchips they

can put in that have all your medical record, all

your financial record, everything about you.

And I think it's not a good thing.

We look at Big Brother will control society.

How does he do it?

That's one way it'll be done.

I don't think it's a good thing.

I wouldn't want a company sticking something in my hand

that says everything about me, all my medical records.

So all you got to do is go through a scanner.

But they think, well, it's convenient.

Of course it's convenient, but I like having cash.

I think the idea that there's some big computer that

can wipe out your wealth--

I mean, there's some serious things

happening in our society.

And this tendency-- it's always, let's do it so much easier.

Everything's more convenient.

Easier, faster.


Faster and more convenient.

But you can give up a lot of your liberty.


Yeah, this is Robert, who says, "My wife of 41 years

passed this last January.

During the last five years of her life,

her sister was staying with us to help care for her.

The two of us have grown closer since my wife's passing.

We've been together now for several months

and have decided to marry.

My question is this.

Are we committing some moral sin in God's eyes,

breaking any biblical laws?

Will we burn in hell for all eternity?

And am I disrespecting my deceased wife?"


I think your deceased wife would

be thrilled that her husband she loves has found happiness.

She's dead.

She's gone to be with Jesus.

She's having the joy with the angels.

So why should she want you to live single and be miserable?

Once your spouse dies, you are free to get

remarried under any interpretation of the Bible.

And if you've found a mate--

obviously, her sister reminds you of her.

I think what you're doing is saying,

I loved my wife so much, and her sister

is kind of like a mirror image.

But if you've found a soulmate that you

can finish out the last years of your life, by all means, do it.

OK, this is Elizabeth, who says,

"How do the Ten Commandments affect born-again Christians?

Were they only written for the Jewish people?

What do I say to Seventh Day Adventists

who insist that we should keep the Sabbath on Saturday?"


I think principle.

I wrote a book about the Ten Commandments.

And they do have eternal values for us today.

But what is the value?

You know, "remember the Sabbath and keep it holy."

Of course, on the sixth day, God labored.

On the seventh, he rested.

And therefore, we honor him.

The whole principle of that is that you

would have a day of rest, one out of seven,

that you wouldn't work, that you would

be able to have recreation, that you could have a day

to worship him and so forth.

That's what it's all about.

The Muslims-- I'm trying to think who's got Friday?

The Muslims have Friday, the Jews have Saturday,

the Christians have Sunday.

The Christians have Sunday.

And it's a question of, you take one day out of the week.

Can you imagine what it would be like

if you had to work seven days a week, and the next seven,

and another seven, and another seven?

You'd go out of your mind.

The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath.

But the principles about honoring your parents,

about not stealing, about protecting

people's reputations, don't bear false witness,

it's all in there and it's all important.


This is timeless for everybody.


This is Debra, who says, "Would God ever

tell a man who has become wealthy

at the expense of his wife and five children

to leave all his money to ministries, to neglect

his sick wife, and force her to live in filth with no water

half the time, and to lie to her, telling her there

is no money?

My dad is doing this to my mother,

so he can leave his millions to ministries.

I don't believe God would tell a man this.

He watches your show all the time.

I do wish you'd address this."

Well, the Bible says if a man will not look after his own,

he's worse than an unbeliever and he's worse than an infidel.

I mean, you have to look after your own family,

your own children, your own wife.

You can't put them in poverty and say, well, I'm

giving to God.

You remember Jesus talking about the ones who said, well, what's

supposed to be yours is korban.

It is given in a pledge, and therefore

you frustrate the word of God?

By all means, give to ministries,

but don't neglect your loved ones

who are your primary responsibility.


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