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Sweden Shields 150 ISIS Fighters, but Won't Protect This Christian Asylum Seeker

Sweden Shields 150 ISIS Fighters, but Won't Protect This Christian Asylum Seeker Read Transcript

Well, Pat, we've had an overwhelming response

to a report we brought you last week.

Sweden wants to deport an Iranian Christian woman.

But her newfound faith in Jesus could mean death

if she is forced to return.

Dale Hurd brings us this update on her situation.

Since CBN News first brought you her story,

Aideen's future remains in limbo.

She waits either for political asylum or to be deported.

The Iranian actress left Islam to become a Christian

after having a dream about Jesus.

She came to Sweden in 2014 on a work visa.

Aideen has been very public about her new faith, which

means she faces prison, rape, and death

if returned to the Islamic republic of Iran.

It's so dangerous for me.

And I don't know why immigration don't believe that.

I'm really an avenger.

DALE HURD: Even though Sweden's migration board says

on its own web page that it will never

deport asylum seekers to nations where they face danger,

and doing so is a violation of the Geneva

Convention on refugees, the migration board

rejected Aideen's request for asylum

and turned her case over to border police

for eventual deportation.

Swedish attorney Gabriel Donner.

Well, the migration board information regarding

Iranian prisons tells us that said torture

and rape is common.

And it is also a breach of international law

to subject any person to such treatment.

DALE HURD: So many CBN viewers contacted the migration board

after our story aired that a migration board

official contacted CBN News and told us,

"the fact that your readers write to us

will not change the Migration Agency's decision,

nor can we change the court's decision.

Her case has been appealed and processed

by the Migration Agency and thereafter

by the Swedish courts, which have also decided that she

could not be granted asylum."

CBN News has received many offers of help

and even asylum for Aideen from other nations.

But Strandsson cannot leave Sweden on her own.

Her Iranian passport has been taken away.

And she says her first choice is to remain

in Sweden, if possible.

Strandsson and other Christian asylum seekers in Sweden

face deportation at the same time the Swedish government has

given 150 protected identities to former ISIS

fighters who have returned to Sweden so that they

can find jobs.

There will be no such help for Aideen.

They said to me, it's your personal life.

And it's not our problem if you decided to be a Christian.

And it's your problem.

Donner says Christians deported to Muslim nations

face certain danger.

Some of them are killed straight off.

Some of them succeed in going into hiding.

Some of them escape to some other place.

But you are putting them at risk.

DALE HURD: The head of Sweden's migration board,

Mikael Ribbenvik, could order her case reopened.

But Aideen is now relying on a power much greater

than the Swedish government--

the power of Jesus Christ.

I think about that dream I had in Iran about Jesus.

And I still think he's watching me.

He will help me.

DALE HURD: Dale Hurd, CBN News.


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