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Walmart Employee Pays for Mom's Groceries, Says 'God Told Me to Do It'

Walmart Employee Pays for Mom's Groceries, Says 'God Told Me to Do It' Read Transcript

You may have heard this story about a Wal-Mart cashier who

left a foster mother in tears of joy after paying for her


Well, the story is going viral, and it's showing people

the power behind being kind.

Nicholas Tate says God told him to bless the mom of three.

And he joins us now to tell us more about it.

Nicholas, thanks for joining us.

Thank you so much.

So tell us what happened that day.

So it was just a normal night.

And it was pretty busy, because we didn't

have that many registers open.

But that's because it was 10:30 at night, and we usually don't.

And this mom came through my line,

and she had two little girls and a baby with her.

And the two little girls were just bouncing up and down.

And so I asked her if it had been one of those nights.

And she kind of laughed a little bit

and said that they just had ice cream.

And as I started talking to her, she

told me that two of the kids were foster kids.

And she apologized that she was using WIC,

and hadn't used it before.

And it was no big deal.

I've done WIC plenty of times.

And after we ran the first transaction,

the formula wouldn't go through.

And what had happened was, the formula

was discontinued that month for WIC.

So it still said that it was WIC-approved.

So we ran it on a separate transaction.

And I had already felt like God was telling me to pay for it.

And so I already had my card out and ready.

And as soon as the WIC card didn't work, I swiped my card.

And she started crying.

And they left fairly quick.

And the husband came and said thank you on their way out.

And that's what I thought was the end of it.

But as you can tell, it kept going.

How much was her bill-- the bill that you paid?

It was around $60.


So were you surprised at how the woman responded?


I was a little bit.

Because I was just doing what I felt was the right thing to do.

And she was very touched by it.

And it's been very cool to get to talk to her more.

Ah, so you've seen her since then?

I have, yes.

this past Sunday, I actually went to their church

and got to spend time with her and her entire family.

You went to their church.


How did that come about?

She actually invited me to come.

They had church Sunday night, and then

they had a little dinner afterward,

and she invited me to come.

Aw, that is so neat.

Well, what is the one thing that you've

gotten out of this whole experience that stands out?

Definitely that it doesn't matter how small it might seem,

something that you're doing, God will always take that

and He will just blow it up.

And He will take that beyond what you can even grasp.

And He will bless you in ways that you never even imagined.

Well, you said you heard the voice of God.

And you know, so many people aren't really sure

whether they're hearing the voice of God

in certain circumstances.

How would you encourage believers

to be obedient to God's voice, and even to recognize it?

I say just trust Him.

It's really hard sometimes, because it's scary when it's

something that you might need.

But God will provide for you.

And if He is asking you to help someone, just listen to Him.

Just trust Him.

Because that's all he wants to do

is just have complete trust in Him.

And once we trust Him, he will give it back to us

10 times more than what we gave to someone else.

Well, Nicholas, you're a very young person,

but you're still a great example of how

to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the modern world.

So thank you so much for what you did,

and thanks for being with us today.

Thank you so much.


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