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How a Car Bomb and U.S. Soldier Led This Iraqi Translator to Christ

How a Car Bomb and U.S. Soldier Led This Iraqi Translator to Christ Read Transcript

We were in Iraq in the US war, which is Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

I was an Iraqi police officer, and after the war had ended

I joined the US troops as an interpreter.

And, from being an interpreter I changed jobs

to work under the US government as a coalition squad member.

And during that time, I got hit by a car bomb in 2005.

And I was the only survivor out of that car bomb.

And that's very much where I start looking for God,

and searching for him, and trying to figure out,

who is this guy that's been saving my life multiple times?

And that's pretty much how I started looking for God.

And I knew that wasn't the God of Islam

because I see Muslims dying left and right.

And Muslims pray, again, five times a day.

And none of their prayers are ever answered.

And there is no love, nothing, and certainly

that God who protected my life showing me love,

saving my life in the midst of chaos and ugly scenes--

you know, getting up on my feet, and looking around me,

seeing body parts and people burned and cut to pieces,

and not even a cut on my body--

that tells me that the God that created Heaven and Earth,

and that same Jesus who died on the cross,

is saying my life for a bigger purpose in this life.


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