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News on The 700 Club: August 4, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," Aug. 4: Trump's grand jury response: Russia 'fabrication' just an excuse for Clinton's loss; Criminal government waste? Probe launched over $28M 'forest' uniforms for Afghan troops, and more. Read Transcript


Hello and welcome to the 700 Club.

Well, it looks like the investigation

into Russia's interference in last year's election

is far from over now that the special counsel has

impaneled a grand jury.

But President Trump has also gotten some good news.

A governor has switched from Democrat to Republican,

and Gary Lane has that story.

Within hours of the news that a federal grand jury is now

investigating Russian actions in the election,

President Trump came out swinging at a West Virginia


He lambasted the special council for hiring some lawyers who

supported Hillary Clinton and the Democrats for ties

to special interests.

And once again, he blamed them for advancing a false narrative

about his ties to Russia.

The reason why Democrats only talk about the totally made

up Russia story is because they have no message, no agenda,

and no vision.


GARY LANE: The President listed his accomplishments

in just his short seven months in office.

Accomplishments he suggests his opponents

don't want you to know, like a record high stock

market, reforms of the Veterans Administration, thousands

of manufacturing jobs coming back to America,

and executive orders allowing the Keystone and Dakota Access


The Russia story is a total fabrication.

It's just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history

of American politics.

That's all it is.

GARY LANE: Grand juries are commonly

used to subpoena records and witnesses,

but they don't necessarily mean any criminal charges will

be sought.

But the grand jury news first reported by the Wall Street

Journal suggests Mueller may be expanding his investigation

into following the money, possible Trump

campaign and business transactions with Russians.

Not only can a federal grand jury

force a president to testify, as in the case of Bill Clinton,

it can also subpoena documents like tax returns and bank


If I were in the White House, I

would be concerned that the investigation

has gone up another notch, or appears

to have gone up another notch.

In short order, probably people who

are in the administration or former members

of the administration or former members of the campaign

will be getting subpoenas to testify and to provide


GARY LANE: But presidential lawyer Jay Sekulow

said The President isn't a target of the probe.

We have no reason to believe that The President is

under investigation here.

GARY LANE: Despite the federal grand jury investigation,

The President and Republicans received some good news


West Virginia Governor Jim Justice

announced he's switching parties from Democrat to Republican.

Like it or not like it, but the Democrats

walked away from me.

Today I will tell you with lots of prayers and lots

of thinking, today I will tell you as West Virginians,

I can't help you anymore being a Democrat governor.


GARY LANE: Justice is a coal magnate.

He owns five mines and more than 100 companies.

As he told CBN's Wendy Griffith, he also

is a faithful Christian.

I pray many times a day and read the Bible

every single night before I go to bed.

And I've done it forever more.

When God is in your life, it just empowers you.

And you're not afraid, and you just you feel Him there.

GARY LANE: And with Justice switching parties,

there are now 34 Republican governors and only 15

Democratic governors.

And the Republicans now control the governorship

and legislatures in 26 states.

Democrats only have full control in six states.

The others are divided.

But the news of West Virginia's governor switching parties

was overshadowed by all the Washington frenzy

over the impaneling of a federal grand jury.

The President would like a quick conclusion to the Russia

investigation, but Mueller's latest move

suggests it may continue for a very long time.

Gary Lane, CBN News.

Parties have changed focus and direction.

Isn't it refreshing when you see somebody

who recognizes that, and then makes the personal decision

to do what he believes is genuinely right.

Well, in other news, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

has voted to pass a bill that would

cut US funds to the Palestinian Authority because

of its payments to terrorists and their families.

Wendy Griffith has that story.

Thanks, Terry.

That's right.

The bill is called The Taylor Force Act.

It was written after the brutal murder of a American business

school student and combat veteran Taylor Force.

He was stabbed to death in March of last year

during a school trip to Israel.

The Palestinian Authority praised the man who

killed him as a heroic martyr.

Senator Lindsay Graham wrote the bill.

The Palestinian Authority pays families

like this a lump sum of money and lifetime payments.

So if you're a young Palestinian,

the best thing maybe you can do for your family in terms

of income streams is to be a terrorist, and that's sick.

We give over $300 million a year of aid

to the Palestinian Authority.

This bill, crafted by Senator Corker and myself and others,

is going to cut off all US funding

to the Palestinian Authority until they change their laws,

which reward terrorism.

Senator Graham is confident the bill will become law.

Well, the US Inspector General has

launched a criminal investigation

into wasteful spending of millions of your taxpayer

dollars in Afghanistan.

That waste reportedly includes buying

expensive military uniforms that are

supposed to be used in forests.

As you know, Afghanistan is mostly desert.

CBN's national security correspondent Erik Rosales

has been following the investigation

and brings us the story from Capitol Hill.

People are not being held accountable for wasting money.

ERIK ROSALES: John Sopko, the Special Inspector General

for Afghanistan Reconstruction, told the House Armed Services

Committee he's opened a criminal investigation

after the Pentagon was found to have spent more than $93

million on Afghan uniforms.

Sopko says the forest camouflage pattern

was picked despite the country having very little forest,

instead of using the Defense Department's

own patterns for free.

The only options we gave the Minister of Defense

was the proprietary patterns.

We never showed him this.

The bigger problem is no one ever did

an assessment as to what kind of camouflage

is best in Afghanistan.

ERIK ROSALES: Sopko says it's still too early

to determine, in his words, if stupidity, corruption,

or a broken system led to the US purchasing

about 1.3 million uniforms in the woodland camouflage

pattern, owned by a Canadian company, HyperStealth He did

warn if the program is not adjusted quickly,

it could cost American taxpayers another $72 million

in unnecessary spending during the next decade.

Even Defense Secretary Jim Mattis weighed in recently,

condemning the alleged waste as cavalier spending in a memo

he sent to top Pentagon officials.

Defense Department officials also testified on the hill

that they told lawmakers that they're now

going to use the Inspector General's report as a catalyst

to end the aggressive spending and waste.

But right now the only thing that they've done

is start a study of their own.

POLITICIAN: So it's safe to say, no changes have

been made to date?

The report has been out for about a month.

The primary suggestion in the report

was that we determine whether or not

there is a uniform pattern that's more suitable.

ERIK ROSALES: Sopko says the bigger problem

is fixing the way the US government works and spends


It's broken.

I hate to say it; the system is broken on accountability

because we're not holding people accountable.

Because by the time we get out there,

the money has been spent, and the person who was involved

is either retired or long gone.

Because there's a two year or shorter appropriation

cycle and everyone's got the incentive to spend money.

ERIK ROSALES: Sopko says military contractors told him

they get rewarded at the end of the year

on how much money they spend and not whether the contract is

good for the country.

Sopko then scolded lawmakers for allowing this to happen.

We have to change that system.

And I would highly recommend take a look

at the HR system in the Defense Department.

Take a look at the procurement system.

Take a look at the incentives that you

are allowing to occur which create this problem.

Sopko says he's also recommending

a review of all organizational clothing

and individual equipment contracts in Afghanistan.

We'll keep you posted.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.

Thanks, Erik.

Well, if you'd like to weigh less,

you could try sleeping more.

Not getting enough sleep is tied to being overweight.

That's the finding from a study from the United Kingdom.

People who only get about six hours of sleep a night

have bigger waistlines than those

who sleep nine hours a night.

The study found that getting an extra hour of sleep

could cut about a third of an inch off your waist.

Well, Terry, I'm only getting about six hours a night lately,

so I'm going to try that: sleep.

I'm heading home myself with my melatonin.

That's an amazing stat.

Thanks, Wendy.


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