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Upcoming Solar Eclipse Seen As Unique Opportunity to Share the Gospel

Upcoming Solar Eclipse Seen As Unique Opportunity to Share the Gospel Read Transcript

An historic solar eclipse is set to take place August 21.

The total eclipse will cross the continental US,

something that hasn't happened in roughly a century.

Some in the Christian community see

this as a unique opportunity to share the gospel.

Here to talk about that and an upcoming event

called SolQuest is Harrell Riley of HR Ministries.

Mr. Riley, thanks for being with us today.

Thank you all for having us.

First of all, tell us about HR Ministries.

Exactly what is it?

HR Ministries is a community-driven ministry that

supports and helps the incarcerated as well

as their families to prepare for re-entry.

We also serve the job corps, which

is a federal facility in our local area.

And we do a lot of community-oriented operations

with benevolence and other things through a thrift store,

creating opportunities for people

to have jobs and have the liberty

to help themselves be successful in the world and the community

we're in.

OK, so let's talk about the eclipse.

Do you think it's a sign that we're in the end times?

I'm not an astronomer.

And as a believer, I think everything

has liberty to point us towards the fact

that the Lord is coming again.

I would not be able to tell you personally my feeling

on that as far as whether it's directly related

to the end times.

But I do believe this, that anything

that shows the power and presence of God

gives us liberty to point people to Jesus Christ.

And in that, everybody needs to be prepared for His return.


Well, I understand that Kentucky will get a front row

seat to the eclipse.

And people from around the world are actually

converging on your small town there of Princeton to see it.

Tell us about all of that that's happening.

Well, there have been various reports.

But about two years ago, we had the privilege

as the owners of the property we'll be doing this event on,

asked us to possibly present something

because of the multitudes that are coming.

They're projecting somewhere around 250,000 people

in our area.

We have a town that's got 6,000.

The next closest town is about 30,000 to 35,000.

And so there's a huge onslaught of people coming in.

We're about 1.2 miles off of NASA's pinpoint marker

on the maps that show as the greatest

place for total eclipse, the totality in that process.

So that's the reason we're there.

And we want to receive those that

are coming from different nations and all

over the country to see this.

And I understand that some family has actually

come all the way from Germany, and that they're

going to be set up in an RV park somewhere near where you are?

Yes, ma'am.

There are several that's been identified already

in the next closest town, which is

about 10 miles out from the property,

that there are 19 countries.

I believe the Vatican is actually sending a scientist.

Our governor will be here, as well as

dignitaries from all over.

And there's been lots of preparation

to receive folks in here.

And our goal is as they come, what better way to show them

that the creator who put the sun, and the moon, and stars

up there wants a relationship with them?

So it's a once in a lifetime event that if you miss,

you miss.

And only God can do it.

So that's our message to them as they come so

that they might receive Christ.

What a great opportunity.

tell us a little more about SolQuest, this actual event

that you're having.

What do you have planned?

Yes, ma'am.

It's a three-day event.

We're going to start on Saturday morning.

And we have a whole list of opportunities and activities

from inflatables to the opportunity

to be under the cooling tent with different ministries

from across the United States.

Folks from down in Louisiana, and Georgia, and Alabama

are coming.

Crazy Tie Guy, Clint [INAUDIBLE] God's

Cowboy Armor, Paul Daley, and some folks like that.

And then in the evening, each night about five o'clock

on the main stage, we have brought in some personalities

to encourage and let folks hear the gospel.

In particular, we've got Steven Malcolm, Rapture Ruckus,

and Finding Favor coming with an evangelist

by the name of Ken Freeman from down in Texas that'll be there.

And then on Sunday, of course, we're

waiting until the Sunday morning services around our communities

are done.

But about 1:30, we'll open the stages back up

and have a street fair that's out there.

Heaven Bound Clowns will be out and about.

Different things happening so people

can have a family fun and an activity that

is safe and secure for people.

And then again on the main stage,

Ravi Zacharias' ministry has sent brother Nathan Rittenhouse

to us to share that the connection between science

and faith, and what's going on with this.

And then the Crab family will be on the stage.

So more than one way to connect to people's hearts

and in the mix of it.

So on Monday, the big event for the whole world

is the eclipse itself.

We've got 160 seconds of totality, which is the longest

period of time across the US.

That's about 1:20 in the afternoon.

But up until that point, some of those same activities

will be going on.

And then on the main stage, Ravi Zacharias' ministry

is going to answer do a Q&A for people,

as well as the Science Guy, who is a gentleman from here who's

going to make a presentation to children,

kind of making the basics of faith, and belief,

and how the science works in all this.

And then we're just going to observe

this event collectively, and watch what only God can do.

It sounds absolutely amazing.

Have you had any criticism or been made

fun of for holding this event?

Well I wouldn't say criticism or made fun of,

but there is a skepticism in some in local communities,

as well as there's a frustration on the hearts of, I guess

you'd say, some locals in relation

to we've got a quiet area around here.

We're out in the country.

And when you mention that many people coming,

it makes people unsettled.

But any time-- based on the things that we've done

in the past--

any time that you reach out and are

obedient to what God wants you to do,

there's always those that are negative or have

a doubtful spirit in it.

And we just recognize that, that God wants to do something big.

And those that are in the middle of it who are obedient

will be blessed in the mix of it,

and will see the power of God exhibited in the mix of it.


Harrell Riley, thank you so much for your time today.

God bless you.

Yes, ma'am.

Thank you.


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