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Why a Million Muslims Filled the Streets to Hear About Jesus, Right in the Heart of Radical Islam

Why a Million Muslims Filled the Streets to Hear About Jesus, Right in the Heart of Radical Islam Read Transcript

I said, I love Muslims and Muslims love me.

NARRATOR: Not even world renowned televangelist Dr.

Marilyn Hickey could have seen this coming.

It's beyond my imagination that we would have a million

in one meeting.

NARRATOR: And that meeting with one million Muslims

filled the streets of Karachi, Pakistan.

They gathered to hear this 85-year-old grandmother share

the good news about Jesus.

I want to tell you something.


No one may know your name, but Jesus knows your name.

What has been the reaction to you saying that

to a million people in Karachi?

He knows where you are, who you are, has a plan,

a destiny for your life.

NARRATOR: Dr. Hickey began her preaching in a small Denver

church, evolving into an international TV ministry,

now reaching out to the Muslim world.

The reason I'm focusing is because before all of this

was such a mess in the world, God spoke to me

to pray over Muslim countries.

And you know, I thought, this is crazy, you know?

I'm an American woman.

So I memorized like 40 countries and prayed over them every day

for a long time, maybe four years or more,

then God began to send me to them.

Marilyn gives all the glory to Jesus

and through him, she says her mass gatherings

have seen countless miracles.


These crowds that are turning up to see you

preach the gospel are bigger than the rock stars in America.

Well, don't ask me why.

They call me, mom.

I'm telling you, the Muslims call me a mother of Pakistan.

So that's God's favor.

But I don't compromise anything.

I tell exactly how Jesus died for your sins,

arose from the dead.

If you repent and believe that, he will come into your heart.

So, you know, it's not a compromising message,

but it's a healing message for spirit, soul, and body.


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