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Rising Challenges Both Foreign, Domestic: Why Trump Still Has Reason to Celebrate

Rising Challenges Both Foreign, Domestic: Why Trump Still Has Reason to Celebrate Read Transcript

President Trump is at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

But he says this is no vacation, as his administration faces

challenges both abroad and at home.

Among the challenges, restoring order within the West Wing.

Friday, new Chief of Staff John Kelly

gathered about 200 White House aids

for a meeting, where he warned them against leaks.

And Bloomberg reports, he told them

they all work for the president, and have to act as one team.

Everyone having a good time?

JENNA BROWDER: There's also the ongoing Russia

probe, where the White House got some good news.

Some have criticized Special Counsel Robert Mueller

for overreaching and looking into areas

beyond where they think he should go.

But Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

says Muller understands there are

limits to the scope of his investigation.

The special counsel is subject to the rules and regulations

of The Department of Justice.

And we don't engage in fishing expeditions.

JENNA BROWDER: The Trump administration also

scored a big foreign policy in.

The UN Security Council unanimously

voted to sanction North Korea.

The resolution was drafted by the United States

and negotiated with North Korea's neighbor and ally,


The measure punishes the regime for growing

a nuclear and missile program.

And perhaps most importantly, here at home,

the economy is bouncing back, growing at 2.6%.

An improvement, but still short of Trump's goal of 3%.

GDP for the quarter just released at 2.6%.

So that's so much higher than anticipated.

JENNA BROWDER: But that's just the beginning,

as Trump is hoping to cut business and individual tax

rates to help get the economy growing strongly

again after years of weakness.

Of course, he needs Congress to do this.

When he gets back from his working vacation,

he needs Republicans in both the House and the Senate

to pass a bill, so he can sign it.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

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