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Bring It On-Line: - August 7, 2017


Well, welcome back.

It's time for your questions and some honest answers.

And our first question today, Pat, comes from Donna who says,

I am an alcoholic and have been for many years.

It's ruining my life and the people that I love.

I pray every day that God would help me.

What do I do?

Well, the first thing you've got

to recognize whether it's an addiction

or whatever you call it or whether it's

a disease, whether it's sin.

Call it whatever you want to, but you've got to stop it,

and that means you can't have any more drinks.

And that means that alcohol has got to be out of your life.

Now again, I've banged on this one over and over again,

but it takes 21 days to establish a habit and 21 days

to break one.

So today I'm not going to drink.


Cross that off.

Next day, today I'm not going to drink.

Cross that off.

Next day, today I'm not going to drink.

After 21 days, the taste for alcohol will be gone.

You need to ask God's help.

You need to pray for him.

You need to have--

the thing about Alcoholics Anonymous that is so effective

is that they have a partner, somebody

who's been through the same struggle you have.

That you couldn't call in the middle of the night

and say, look, I just can't stand it anymore.

I want a drink.

Would you give me a hand?

The guy comes over and sits with you for a while

and takes you through it.

Because these are moments that you have this craving, and then

it'll go away, but remember, 21 days.

But get a friend who will be with you.

That's the secret of Alcoholics Anonymous,

and it's been very, very effective.

All right?

OK, this is Kathleen, who says,

while at church, the pastor said he

had a friend dying of cancer, and they

had said their goodbyes to him.

I got an unavoidable urge to tell him to go back and have

a prayer circle for his friend.

The feeling got stronger throughout the service.

When the service was over, I felt

I had to find him and tell him, which I did.

He said, they already prayed for him, but quote,

"Thank you for listening to God."

I felt a little foolish.

The next Sunday, I went to services again

and found his friend had died.

I felt like asking God, why did you ask me to do

this when he was taken anyway?

I would like to know your thoughts on this.

Was it just me, or was it really God who asked me to do this?

I'm confused.

I've been at the bedside of somebody,

and the Lord gave me a scripture.

Blessed are they that die in the Lord from henceforth,

and I wouldn't accept it.

I was going to insist that that person get healed.

And that person wasn't going to get healed,

because down the road there was some bad things ahead,

and God knew that it would be better to get that person out

of here.

Death is not the end for a person who is in Jesus.

Death it is just a transition point to the new Jerusalem,

and death is a victory.

Where is your sting O death?

The sting of death is sin, and the Lord has taken away

the curse of sin.

So you ask me what did God to you.

I have no idea what God told you, because I'm not you.

You only know, but there are times that God says, no,

and there are other times.

There was one time I prayed for somebody,

and, man, the relatives had all come in, because grandma

was going to die.

And I prayed for her, and God healed her, and brought her up,

and she sat up in bed and all the people had come.

They wasted the trip, because she wasn't going to die.

Well, I don't know.

It's in God's hands, but sometimes we have an anointing

of faith and we don't.

But what did God tell you, I don't have any idea.

All right?

OK, this is a viewer who says, on Tuesday's show,

a testimony was read of a woman who

was healed after 50 years of suffering from hip pain.

This made me very angry.

After all, it's 50 years of 24/7 suffering and pain.

Is there a side of God that people

don't want to talk about?

That seems insensitive that God would allow someone

to suffer for 50 years.

I realize that there is purpose in every adversity we face,

but 50 years?

Why wouldn't God heal her sooner?

I think you'd have to ask him.

I really don't know, but God can heal everybody

with a stroke with the pen.

It would all be done, but he doesn't do that.

He has allowed sin into the world,

and he has allowed Satan to bring curses on people,

and one day, he's going to end it all.

He's going to end the suffering.

He's going to end the pain.

There'll be no more sickness, no more sorrow, no death.

But before that, he's going to make

a new heaven and a new earth.

But at the point of time, he allows sin,

because he's given us free will.

He allows people to hurt each other.

He allows Satan to hurt us, because he

wants us to come to him in faith and believe him.

And though I suffer, though I parish, yet I trust him.

And that was Job's statement.

He was under this terrific problem, suffering,

and yet he continued his faith in God.

I will not curse God and die.

I'm going to continue to praise him.

All right, what else.

OK, this is Shaeneka, who says,

how can you know what your calling is?

I've been told many times that I'll lead family, friends,

and others back into church.

What do I need to do to make this all happen?

Start where you are and begin to work.

If you feel a calling to tell people about Jesus,

well, tell somebody about him.

Don't wait for some big explosion or some angel

to come from heaven, if you feel in your heart

that God has gifted you in call.

God will give us a calling in accordance with what

he has put inside of us.

He has made us in a particular way,

and you and I have aptitudes and abilities.

Some people are great in fixing cars.

I couldn't fix a car if my life depended on it.

Some people are great in electronics.

Some people are great in writing.

Some people are great in speaking.

Some people are great in humanitarian.

Some people are great in giving, and human relations,

all kinds of aptitudes.

And that is where God has given you

the aptitude is what he wants you to be in your destiny.

This is Dawn, Pat, who says, I've

been married to my husband for two years,

not the first marriage for either of us.

My first husband was unfaithful, and I've

expressed to my current husband how important intimacy, sex,

and trust are to me.

My current husband has lied to me

about different things on numerous occasions

and refuses to be intimate.

It's been months since we've been intimate,

despite my efforts.

I barely get a peck on the lips at night or in the morning.

We are going to try counseling, but it feels hopeless.

What do I do if he won't stop lying,

or if he continues to refuse to be affectionate or intimate?

The Bible says that husbands and wives--

the body of the husband belongs to the wife.

The body of the wife belongs to the husband.

And a wife should have intimacy with husband.

Husband should have intimacy with the wife.

To withhold that is wrong, is against the Bible.

Now, I think you need counseling with this guy.

It sounds like to me he's got-- you talk about that Low T


He's got something about testosterone or something

that he has no sexual desire, it sounds like.

And perhaps an endocrinologist could find out

the answer, if he would go to somebody to check it out.

But you can't live in that situation

where you're in complete intimacy

unless you have no consummation of it.

And it'll drive you crazy and him too.

So the time may come that that would

be grounds for a separation.

Well, those are all the questions we have for today,

but we thank you for your questions.

We always love hearing from you, and look forward

to answering more.


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