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Congressmen Tour Israel as 'Americans' Not Democrats, Republicans

Congressmen Tour Israel as 'Americans' Not Democrats, Republicans Read Transcript

Democrat and Republican House members

stood united Tuesday to say the US has

no greater ally than Israel.

More than 50 members of the US House of Representatives

are touring Israel in two partisan groups during August.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Democratic Whip

Steny Hoyer says Israel is completely a bipartisan issue.

But our importance that we wanted to show, one our bond

with our greatest ally of Israel.

We have shared values, shared security interests

throughout the world, and there is no stronger

bond between any ally that we have,

being the only democracy in the Middle East.

The trip is sponsored by the American Israel Education


The goal is to provide both Democratic and Republican

groups with firsthand knowledge of US-Israel relations

and critical issues facing American policymakers.


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