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REVIVAL: 50,000 Students Nationwide 'Dare to Share' Gospel LIVE at the Same Time

REVIVAL: 50,000 Students Nationwide 'Dare to Share' Gospel LIVE at the Same Time Read Transcript

Imagine if 50,000 students shared God's love

at different places across the country on the same day.

It is happening.

September 23, that is exactly what's going to happen.

The one-day outreach event is a way

to get teens involved in evangelism

and to share the love of God.

And, as Juan Garcia shows us, there

is hope that this movement will lead to a revival in America.

GREG STIER: There's 1 billion teenagers worldwide.

Most of them desperately need an encounter with Jesus Christ.

And I believe the best ones to reach those teens are

other teens that they know.

When a teen is sharing the gospel,

they are risking their social equity.

They can be unfriended.

They can be mocked.

They can be marginalized.

They can be ostracized.

And that very risk, they're dying to themselves.

They're picking up their cross, and they're following Christ.

TEEN: We start out in the morning with, like, sessions.

They, like, teach you and stuff.

And then we'll go to training.

And then we eat.

And then we do, like, afternoon activities,

like today we're going out into the street

to try to evangelize people and stuff.

Dare 2 Share-- we've been around 25 years,

train and equip students how to share their faith.

And our mission is to energize the church, to mobilize youth,

to gospelize their world.

I was blown away.

I was blown away.

And I said, this is the holy discontent

that I've been feeling as a youth pastor.

Like, this is the answer for them,

going back to what God has called us to do,

which is to make disciples of all nations.

GREG STIER: I believe that we're going

to see an exciting revival sweep the land.

You know, every day at 9:23, I pray for September 23

because, on September 23, we're doing Dare 2 Share Live.

And we're going to be training 50,000 teenagers from coast

to coast in 72 venues across the United States

from Puerto Rico to Fairbanks, Alaska--

50,000 students, equipped, unleashed for a revival

in evangelism.

And we're going to unleash them all to share the gospel.

They're going to have Dare 2 Share Live apps where students

in Brooklyn can talk to students in San Diego at the same time,

because it's a simultaneous training.

And then they'll all be released to collect

canned food for local rescue missions

and to share the gospel.

And we're going to come back for a national prayer and praise


And it is our prayer that God would use September 23--

9/23-- as a rally point for revival

and national transformation.


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