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University President to Students: 'This Is Not a Day Care!'

University President to Students: 'This Is Not a Day Care!' Read Transcript

College campuses used to be strongholds

of free speech and exchanging ideas,

but today, all that's changed.

Students now demand universities provide

safe spaces to protect them from ideas that

may cause them emotional harm.

CHARLENE AARON: They want to be shielded

from ideas or opinions they find offensive going so far

as to request trigger warnings to help them avoid hearing,

seeing, or reading anything that might upset them.

This thinking has led to some college guest speakers being

protested, harassed, and even barred from campuses

because they support views some students don't like.

It's also caught the attention of Congress.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and comedian Adam

Carolla recently testified about what some call the Snowflake


All of our views should be judged on their merits,

not on the color or sex or sexual orientation

of the Speaker, and those views should never

be banned on the grounds that they offend someone.

Even Christian colleges are not immune.

Doctor Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan

University, writes about it in a new book, Not A Daycare,

The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

It's an interesting book called Not A Daycare, Doctor

Piper's the author of it.

Amazing stuff.

The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth.

Dr. Piper's here with us.

Glad to see you.

Oh, I'm honored to be here, Pat.

Thank you.

Thank you.

You lay bare the truth of what's going on in colleges.

What is it?

A guy comes in as a freshman, what is he being exposed to?

Or is it, is he a snowflake?

We have to protect them from all these evil influences.

What is it?

We've lost the desire to teach what's true.

We now give degrees in opinions rather than actually

learning something.

And this is absurd.

Richard Weaver told us in 1948, his seminal work

titled Ideas Have Consequences, that ideas have consequences.

They matter, and when you teach good ideas,

you get good culture, good kids, good community,

good government, good church, and when you teach bad ideas,

you get the opposite.

And what we have today is ideological fascism

on our campuses rather than academic freedom.

We actually are telling people, conservative speakers,

primarily, if you don't agree with us,

if you're not one of us, if you're not

a part of the fascist, the common bond of ideas,

we will crush you.

We will expel you.

You're verboten.

You're unwelcome.

This is not classical, liberal arts education

because it's not liberty.

It's not freedom.

It's not justice.

It's fascism.

It's not freedom.

So somebody comes to campus, and he's

going to speak ideas that are against the prevailing ethos,

and he will be shunned.

Or what will happen to him?

Well, we see it.

We see these angry, red faces of these 19 and 21-year-olds

in the campus green protesting and saying,

we don't agree with you.

You've offended us.

There's an idea here we don't like it,

and therefore, we want to silence you.

You're unwelcome.

What kind of academic freedom is that?

You know, Jesus told us that you shall know the truth,

and the truth shall set you free.

Opinions always lead to bondage and slavery,

and truth sets us free.

How come so many college administrators are just

buckling under this stuff?

I mean, are they part of it?

I think we are responsible for this.

My industry has created this monster.

Higher education has created this monster.

of snowflakes.


Of postmodernity where we actually think

we can silence the opposition, and we can do it

under the banner of tolerance.

We actually have the audacity to say,

I can't tolerate your intolerance.

I hate you hateful people.

I'm sure that nothing is sure.

I know that nothing can be known.

I'm absolutely confident there are no absolutes,

and we say this with a straight face.

It's pablum.

It's political pablum.

It's not teaching the time tested truths of God.

What's the idea of protecting them?

I mean, even a Halloween costume will offend little children

in college, and therefore, we have to ban the Halloween.

What is it?

It's crazy.

We actually had Yale professors being fired.

They lost their job because they expressed a view

on Halloween costumes.

I actually had a student at my campus--

we're a Christian University, boldly conservative.

He came forward after a sermon in chapel on 1 Corinthians 13,

and he was offended by it.

He said, you singled me out.

You singled my peers out.

I'm uncomfortable.

A homily on love and this young man feels offended.

My message to him, which led to this book

is, we're not going to coddle you.

We're going to confront you.

Many a good sermon is supposed to make you feel guilty.

Why would love make him feel uncomfortable?

Because he didn't feel loving enough.

It was a challenge to his character.

We're at the point in our culture and our colleges

where if your character is challenged

and you're uncomfortable, you can

throw a trigger warning and a victimization card

and call out a microaggression and ask for those ideas

to be silenced.

A trigger card--

what, there's a car?

You ride a car?

Is that just a metaphor?

It's a metaphor.

Yeah, OK.

It's a metaphor.

But the administrators go along with it.

How did that come about?

When did we lose the rigor in education?

I would go back to the whole concept of postmodernity

where we started saying this, It doesn't matter what you believe

as long as it works for you.



Of course it matters what you believe.

You know, Pol Pot, Mao, and Robespierre believed

some things, and it may have worked for them

for a period of time, but it didn't end well

for millions of others.


Of course, we believe certain ideas are good

and certain ideas are bad.

And of course, we teach those things in the public square

and in the college, and if we've lost the ability

to call black white and white black-- male

female and female male.

If we've lost the concept of defining

the male and the female and the human being-- if we've

lost the ability to call male male and female female,

then surely we aren't teaching the right ideas in our culture

any longer.

This book can go pretty strongly

against some of the evangelicals.

As a matter of fact, there's a consortium

of Christian colleges that your college withdrew from because

of what?

Because of the gay marriage issue.


If the Christian colleges can't define marriage

as a sacrament of the church and if we've actually bought

the lie and drank the Kool-Aid to the point where we believe

that a difference over a method of baptism,

or whether or not you speak in tongues,

various different denominational differences,

if we've conflated those issues and those denominational

disagreements with disagreement over marriage,

and whether or not homosexual marriage should be validated

within the church, that's not an organization

that's representing a biblical world view.

There are two colleges that affirm just that thing,

and they wanted teachers to embrace that lifestyle.

And they were brought into the consortium,

and you withdrew because of that.



We had two Christian colleges that

were charter members of the Council for Christian Colleges

and Universities, and they endorsed gay marriage the day

after the Obergerfell decision.

I said, if that's the direction we're going to go,

if we can't decide as a group of Christians--

a group of Christian colleges, that God defines marriage

not the government.

That marriage is a sacrament of the church,

and that it can't be redefined and dumbed down

by a bunch of people who now think

that the government should be in charge of that definition

and not the church and not the Bible,

then we have to take a stand and speak accordingly.

So Oklahoma Wesleyan University withdrew.

What about the whole authority of the scriptures?

You know, Martin Luther used these.

Stuff I have shown from the word of God and from reason here

I stand.

Are we standing on the scripture any longer

as Christian colleges?

Many Christian colleges have abandoned

the inerrancy of the word.

At Oklahoma Wesleyan University, we still

stand for the primacy of Christ, the priority of scripture,

the pursuit of truth, and the practice of wisdom.

Jesus is the Son of God.

The Bible is the word of God.

Truth is given by God, and wisdom,

holiness, sanctification, obedience is demanded by God.

It's not optional.

What are your peers doing to you where they--

Have you gone through the torments

to tell us what happened?

Well, it's interesting.

When I wrote the original blog that led to this book,

Not A Daycare, we did some stats--

statistical analysis internally to see what the comments.

Of the 3 and 1/2 million people that viewed the article,

97% of the comments were positive.

3% were negative.

So by and large, people are recognizing.

We've created a monster.

It's turning around to bite us.

We've lost the ability to understand

that truth is the context for freedom,

and when you stop teaching truth, human freedom is lost.

By and large, 97% of the people are saying, good for you.

It needed to be said.

One last question.

How are we going to maintain a democratic form of government

or a republican form of government

when the electorate is so uninformed and biased?

What are we going to do if the elites have lost--

we've lost the elites, and they no longer

support the judeo-christian world view?

Freedom is lost.

We're told by our founding fathers

that our constitutional republic is made for a religious people,

and a constitution is wholly inadequate for the governance

of any other.

If you lose the ability to understand

the truth as an objective reality, a self-evident truth

given by our creator, not a postmodern construct created

by you and me, at the end of the day,

your opinion and mine doesn't matter.

That's not good education.

The time tested truths of God, those self-evident truths

endowed to us by our creator.

The truth of God written on every human heart,

St. Paul tells us.

If we've lost the ability to understand that that's

the goal of education rather than the propping

up of your opinion, then we are sacrificing our freedom

as a result.

But the press goes along with the political correctness.

The academia goes along with it, and it's very hard

when somebody stands up against that prevailing view.

You know, they're ridiculed.

Well, you've done it your entire career.

You have to get a spine.

That's right.

People have to have a spine.

They have to have courage.

They have to have confidence in the truth

rather than running along like lemmings behind the politically

correct agenda.

Again, when truth is lost, freedom suffers with it.

What's your prognosis for the future?

You got one?

I think we're going to--

I'm an optimist.

I obviously believe that at the end of the day, we win.

I know the end of the story.

I believe that there may be pain and crisis

in the midst of that, but the Lord

disciplines those he loves.

And as iron sharpens iron, let one man sharpen another,

and that's the reason for returning to teaching truth.

Truth rather than settling for opinions in the classroom.

Well, more power to you it's called.

Where can people get this book?

Not A Daycare.

You can go to or you can go to

or Barnes and Noble, and pick it up.

Well, Dr. thank you.

It is very provoking, ladies and gentlemen.

You ought to get a copy of it.

It's tremendous writing.

Thank you, my brother.

God bless you.

Thank you.

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