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New RNC Spokesperson Looking Forward To Bringing GOP Together

New RNC Spokesperson Looking Forward To Bringing GOP Together Read Transcript

Kayleigh, thanks so much for being here.

Thank you for having me.

I love being on CBN.

So this is exciting for me.

We're so happy you're here.

Thank you.

Hey, the RNC.

So tell me about why the RNC.

What's the fit there for you?

What's the message going forward from you?

Look, for me I wanted to go to the RNC

because I wanted to be a part of this fight, which

I see going on, and President Trump putting forward

these great policies.

For me, I was on the outside of it commentating.

And I wanted to come in and look my children in the eye and say,

I was a part of this movement.

And that for me was the motivating factor.

But in terms of message out of the RNC,

are message is get behind President Trump.

Because we are only as good as our leader and our president.

We all must stand behind unified and make good on the promises

that we've made to the American people.

We've heard so much about the RNC wing of the White House

versus the populist, the national swing, Steve Bannon.

Are there fences to mend here?

Look, I don't think so.

I think we know President Trump loves to have

a wide variety of voices.

He likes to take counsel from the people he trusts.

And sometimes they don't always agree.

That's normal.

That's natural.

But at the end of the day, they all

stand behind the president, as does and as should, Congress.

Tell me about Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump

kind of get into it a little.

At least McConnell's having some rough words a little bit

for the president, to a degree.

What do you make of the friction?

How can you bring, to a degree-- a follow up on this question--

how do you bring all of these folks

together because there are some Republicans that

just don't want to have much do with this president.

You're saying, look, stop this.

But you're now with the RNC, so it's a bridge to gap.


Look, I understand Mitch McConnell's frustration

that he worked long hours, he tried

very hard to get some of those bills through.

And he should be commended for that.

But in terms of him criticizing the president for saying

he's had too high expectations, I believe were his words,

President Trump should have high expectations

because his expectations reflect those promises

that he made throughout the campaign

to repeal and replace Obamacare.

And we want someone at the helm of the party who's

going to push us, push everyone and say, let's do better.

We can do better.

So I think those high expectations coming

from the president are good.

We have growing pains.

It took a year and a few months for President Obama

to get Obamacare through.

But we're going to get there.

It's been six months.

We're going to get there.

There's growing pains.

But we're all one family at the end of the day.

And polls show Republican support

for the president kind of dipping.

Are you concerned?

And what's your take away?

I'm not concerned because, look, I turned on

and I watched that rally in West Virginia a few weeks ago

or last week rather.

And I saw so much support.

And you look at the RNC's fundraising numbers

outpacing what President Obama did several years ago when

he first took office.

We're raising money in small donations.

We have people showing up.

Who would have thought that a president

in a non-election year could get thousands and thousands

of people to stand in line and show up and be

as excited as they were pre-election post-election.

That's President Trump.

We've got a lot of support.

And if the polls were correct leading up to the election,

Hillary Clinton would be president now.

So I don't take much stock and put much stock in the polls.

Health care reform, tax reform.

Are you confident that the Republican Party can get--

Look, if they don't get health care reform and tax

reform, if they get nothing done,

that's a mid-term potential problem.

It's true.

Look, President Trump's done his job.

He's had 40 pieces of legislation,

40 executive orders, slashing regulation,

but now it's time for Congress to deliver.

Deliver broad scale reform on health care,

broad scale reform on tax relief for the American people.

Put $5,000 back in the pocket of someone making $50,000 a year.

That needs to happen.

I'm confident they'll get it done.

I think Obamacare was a harder battle,

and I think we'll get there.

But tax reform, look, it will be tough.

But I think we'll get there and it

will be a much easier path than what we've seen with Obamacare.

And on top of Congress, we've got to keep the House,

otherwise the Democrats, they control the legislative agenda.

And then we're talking impeachment, potentially,

if the Democrats were in charge.

They're going to try to talk about it.


Democrats, they're dead set on dethroning or not

dethroning but rather ousting the president.

And they're basically unable to accept the fact

that President Trump won.

He has a broad mandate from the American people.

And they are our obstructionist, and obstructionist

of his agenda and obstructionist of his mandate to govern.

So that's why it's so important to not let

Democrats divide Republicans.

Everyone wants to talk about McCain and McConnell

versus the president.

Well, we can't do that, because we all

have to be on the same team.

A house divided falls.

And Democrats can obstruct all they like but the Republican

Party needs to stand together and not

let Democrats divide us.

So our last question, it's the Dr. Phil question, if you will.

What is it like-- you were on CNN so often--

defending the president day in and day out and night in

and night out?

I feel like you were there like you had a cot next to the set

or something.

But your faith, I know, is was very important to you too.

How did that play a role in all that?

Because you were under--

you were in the crosshairs for sure.

Talk about scrutiny.

MALE ANNOUNCER: Tell me about that.

My faith was indispensable to what I did at CNN because it

would get heated on set.

And I would always say a little prayer

or ask God to guide the way I handled any given situation.

And he gave me peace and he gave me

serenity amidst what was very combative and very tough.

And look, I lean on my faith.

And I'm convinced that one of the big reasons the president

won, besides having a great agenda,

is Christians who showed up and prayed,

and people like my family did that.

And that was a big part, I think,

of why President Trump's there is Christians praying.

Very nice.

Kayleigh, thank you so much for being here.

Thank you.

It's great to have you.

So great.

Great to see you.


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