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Mom Suffers Backlash After Posting Pictures of Stillborn Son

Mom Suffers Backlash After Posting Pictures of Stillborn Son Read Transcript

A young mother posted photos to her Facebook page

to illustrate that a child who is only 14 weeks into pregnancy

is still very much a person.

Felicia Cash is that mother who joins us now.

And the photos, Felicia, are of your son.

First of all, we wanted to point out

that you delivered him stillborn unexpectedly at home

late last month.

And we're all so very sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

When you saw him, you were amazed at how well-formed he


You could see his fingernails and muscles.

What made you want to share that?

I had seen the posts of some other mothers who

had lost their pregnancies at different stages who

had posted, and I wanted to be able to support them in that.

And I also have some sisters-in-law

who have lost their pregnancies, and wanted

to be able to show my support for them as well.

And was your purpose to show that this

was a child, that this was a person,

not a mass of cells or a blob as so many times we're told.


There's no reason to think that they're not human,

that they're not perfectly formed, even very early on.

What kind of a response have you

gotten to posting your son's picture on your Facebook page?

There has been a very large response,

very unexpected large response.

Most of the comments are very supportive.

A lot of them are from other mothers who have also lost,

who were expressing their own grief over their miscarriages

and offering support.

And some of the comments have been very distressing.

Some have been very cruel and--

Like what?


There have been a number of cannibalistic comments.

People talking about whether or not we would make soup.

There was also a cult group who took the pictures

and posted them on their own personal page

in order to make many similar comments

and to degrade pre-born children and Christians.

And then there have also been many threatening comments

where people have just been simply cruel and rather vulgar.

And you posted some pictures of other mothers

who gave you their pictures of their stillborn children, who

also wanted to illustrate that even

though those pregnancies ended early on,

those children were still people.

What's your message to women who may be considering abortion

in light of these pictures?

The message would be simple.

Look, see, this is the truth, these are real.

And consider other options.

There's a lot of other options.

There are people who are willing to help you

through your pregnancy, people who

are willing to help you to learn how to take care of a child,

how to raise a child of your own.

There are people who are willing to adopt your child,

but this is a child.

It's not just nothing, it's a child.

Well, Felicia Cash, you're very brave.

And again, we extend our deepest sympathies

on the loss of your son.

Thanks so much for being with us.

Thank you.


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