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Trump Team: North Korea in 'Flagrant Breach' That Could Bring 'End of Its Regime'

Trump Team: North Korea in 'Flagrant Breach' That Could Bring 'End of Its Regime' Read Transcript

North Korea responded to President Donald Trump's

strong warnings by labeling them,

quote, "a load of nonsense."

North Korea best not make any more threats

to the United States.

They will be met with fire and fury

like the world has never seen.

MARK MARTIN: The Korean Army said, "Sound dialogue is not

possible with such a guy bereft of reason,

and only absolute force can work on him."

The rogue regime has doubled down

on its threat against Guam, warning

it could send four medium to long-range ballistic missiles

over Japan and into waters around the small island

by the middle of this month.

Guam is home to 7,000 US military men and women,

and has a population of 160,000.

Japan and South Korea said they would react strongly

if Pyongyang carried out the plan.

US allies like Australia condemned

North Korea's aggression.

Our collective strategy has not changed.

And that is to bring pressure to bear on North Korea

through diplomatic and economic means

to force it to change its behavior.

MARK MARTIN: And Defense Secretary James Mattis also

had a strong warning for North Korea, saying it,

"should cease any consideration of actions

that would lead to the end of its regime

and the destruction of its people."

Deputy Assistant to President Trump Sebastian Gorka

said on the CBN News program "Faith Nation" on Facebook Live

that it's up to North Korea now to deescalate the tension.

Right now, when it comes to what North Korea has been doing

in flagrant breach of all international requirements

upon it when it comes to nuclear weapons testing

or ballistic missiles testing, the ball

is in Pyonyang's court.

Secretary Tillerson at the ASEAN meeting

two days ago said, "If they stop their ballistic missile

testing, we will know we have an act of good faith."

So right now, the message is clear.

This president would take whatever

measures necessary to protect this nation.

It is now up to North Korea to deescalate.

The United States and its allies

have laid out their positions, and the world

is watching to see what North Korea's next moves will be.

Mark Martin, CBN News.

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