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A Cosmos Divinely Designed for Life? Reasons to Believe...

A Cosmos Divinely Designed for Life? Reasons to Believe... Read Transcript


It was 1995 astronomers discovered the first planets

orbiting hydrogen fusion burning stars like our star, the sun.

Today that list exceeds 3,600 known planets

orbiting such stars.

Back in the 1990s, the astronomical community

was confident that as we discover hundreds and thousands

of these planets, they would be very much like the planets

in our solar system.

But now we recognize that none of them

are like the planets in our solar system.

There is no Jupiter twin.

There's no Venus twin.

And we were able to find planets as small as Mercury.

But we're not seeing any twins not only of Earth

but of any of the eight planets in our solar system.

And this has led my astronomy peers

to discover that every one of the eight

planets in our solar system plays a critical role in making

advanced life possible here on planet Earth.

The masses and the orbits of the eight planets

must be exactly the way they are.

And the moon plays a role as well.

The moon actually breaks up some of the mean motion resonances

that would be a problem for advanced life

that are generated by the gas giants in our solar system.

So everything is just right.

We're not looking at just at a highly fine tuned planet Earth.

The entire solar system has been highly fine tuned

to make possible the existence of advanced life here on earth.

And none of that would have been discovered

if it wasn't for the astronomers finding

these thousands of planets outside of our solar system.

And in the same process, they also

discovered that the asteroid and comet belts that orbit

our solar system are unique.

As you look at other planetary systems,

they either have no comets or asteroids

or they got comet and asteroid belts

that are thousands of times bigger than ours.

We have just the right asteroid and comet

belts to make advanced life possible here on planet Earth.

Also, hasn't science found out that in the Milky Way galaxy

itself, things are fine tuned for life

to exist here on earth?

Is that true?

That's true.

It took a long time for astronomers

to be able to develop a detailed map of the structure

of our Milky Way galaxy.

They had to do that by piecing together observations

at different wavelengths.

But now, we have that detailed map.

And as we compare that with other spiral galaxies,

we recognize our Milky Way galaxy is unique.

It's the only galaxy that we see that has a spiral arm

symmetry, a spiral arm separation,

the necessary lack of spurs and feathers,

and the size and the right ratio of exotic dark matter

to ordinary matter that makes advanced life possible.

I mean, we have a fine tuning compendium

on our web site where

we list 200 different features of our Milky Way galaxy

that must be fine tuned, very carefully designed,

to make advanced life possible within our galaxy.

I'll tell you, it's spoiled my enjoyment

for the Star Wars movies, because they all start off

with a galaxy far, far away.

Hey, we've looked far, far away.

We don't see any galaxies that could be possible candidates.

Our Milky Way is unique.

So you've got 200 things about the galaxy that make

life possible here on Earth.

What are the probabilities all that

would happen just by coincidence, just

by happenstance, because you actually know this, right,

the probabilities of that?

You can go to

That'll pop up for you this 300 page compendium.

And you can zip all the way to the end of it

where we actually calculate the probability

that the 854 features that we list could be fine

tuned without the supernatural intervention of the creator

God of the Bible to make advanced life possible here

on planet Earth.

And that probability we calculate must be much less

than one chance in 10 to the 1,050th power.

Now that's a mind boggling big number.

But to give you a comparison, that'd

be roughly equivalent to someone here in California winning

the California lottery 150 consecutive times

where they buy just one ticket each time.


The most spectacular measurable evidence

of fine tuning design in all of physics

is the fine tuning of dark energy, that energy that's

embedded in the space surface of the universe that controls

the rate at which it expands.

But it's said if there was no dark energy

and the expansion was controlled by the mass of the universe,

you would have to fine tune the mass of the universe

to such a degree that if you're to add the weight of one dime

to the universe or subtract the weight of one dime

from the observable universe, that

would be enough to upset the balance

to make life not possible.

And you say, well, how does that compare with dark energy?

You actually have to find dark energy

to a factor of a quadrillion quadrillion quadrillion

quadrillion times more than that dime analogy.

So yeah, how can we escape the conclusion

there must be a mind with supernatural power

that designed it just right so we could be here?


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