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Watch: Preacher's Kid, Gospel Artist Anthony Evans Shares Journey 'Back to Life'

Watch: Preacher's Kid, Gospel Artist Anthony Evans Shares Journey 'Back to Life' Read Transcript

(SINGING) I've seen darkness shattered by light.

I've seen joy break after the light.

I want to see you again.

My first single is called "See You Again."

And the story behind that song is

this is a song that one of my friends wrote.

Her name is Krissy Nordhoff .

And she wrote songs like "Your Great Name" and "Mercy."

She's just a monster writer.

We were writing one day and talking about the concept

of being a preacher's kid.

I don't want to just live off of things

that God's done in my life in the past.

And there came a point where I was always

telling the same story, always addressing an issue from--

or a resolve from way back.

And I said to her, "I need a fresh move of God in my life."

She was like, "I just wrote a song called 'See You

Again.'" And that's what it is.

It's like I've seen you, you know, heal.

I've seen you make tears into laughter.

I've seen you return joy to me.

But I want to see it again.

I don't want to be telling the same story.

So the bridge encompasses the whole song, basically.

We remember all the great things you have done,

but we believe that greater things are still to come.

And that is what the heart of "See You Again" is.

It's my plea for the Lord to do more, and in

turn me inviting the audience to make them do the same.

And what he's faithful in doing is always

meeting you there when you ask.

(SINGING) I want to see you again.

My new album "Back to Life" is based on three things, honesty,

vulnerability, and transparency, and how those three things

have brought me back to life.

I was at a place in my career and in my ministry

where I felt very not alive, spiritually, emotionally,

just kind of--

just not kind of, just dead.

But I've also gotten to a place where

I knew how to get on a stage and say the right things

and sing the right notes.

But that doesn't feel good.

Artificial life, artificial spiritual life

or emotional life, that's still not real living.

I love honest lyrics.

I am so over pretense in life.

I don't like pretense.

It's a waste of time.

Musically we pushed the envelope.

Vocally we pushed the envelope.

But more than that, content-wise I pushed the envelope.

And I want the listener to not feel

like, oh that's a great song.

I want their heart to be moved.

If I wanted to tickle ears, I would

do some other kind of-- or solely tickle ears,

I would do some other kind of music, you know.

And for me, success is not selling a bunch of albums

and having a roomful of people to listen to me sing.

Success is me being at peace.

Because after having had a hit record and a full tour,

you can't go out and purchase peace.

(SINGING) Spirit within.

We want to see you again.

This album is about life change that I experienced

and that I would love to translate into the listener's



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