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Meet the Band Who Wrote Justin Bieber's 'Favorite Song'

Meet the Band Who Wrote Justin Bieber's 'Favorite Song' Read Transcript

(SINGING) This is real love.

This is real love.

Say, this is real love.

This is real love.


Come on and say--

you're pulling me closer and closer.

Holding my heart till the very end.

Jesus, I'm found in your freedom.

This is real love.

This is real love.

My first question for you, you were

on the road in the middle of this tour--

what do you miss most about being away from home?

My bed.

Probably my pillow.

Ah, good one.

Good one.


But besides that, I mean, I miss home.

I miss church back home.


But it's fun being here, on the road.





Are you surprised at how much American young people love

your music?


I feel like young people are more open to,

you know, Jesus than ever.

And so it has been awesome.

I think when we started Young & Free,

I think we never thought that we would be coming to the USA.

Although we always hoped, maybe, that we would.

I think being here, and being able to play in front of people

and lead worship, and--

it's surprising, but I think it's, like-- it's cool,

and it's been awesome to see people just respond

in such a positive way.

It's amazing.

How did Young & Free start?

You said a hint of that-- we're talking 2012, 2013?

What happened?

Hillsong United used to be the youth band,

and so we would grow up listening to their songs,

singing their songs, and they kind of

grew past the youth group.

They, you know, started getting married, having kids,

and United kind of formed into its own core thing.

And so there was this moment where it was kind of like,

we need to--

you know, a band that expresses kind of what's

going on in our youth group right now.

And so our senior pastor, Brian and Bobby--

senior pastors-- and both Laura and Pete, our youth pastors,

kind of came up with this idea.

Well, like, let's start, like, a band.

Like, that's just, you know, get our guys writing songs,

and we were those guys just serving

in youth, leading worship, singing on Friday nights.

And, you know, we started writing,

and it just kind of naturally formed

into this thing that is now Young & Free.

And so we would say we're the youth expression of Hillsong

Church, and so that's what Young & Free is, I guess.

The current project that you're touring

is called Youth Revival?



Tell me about that.

How would you describe the music in your collection?

What would you say that--

(SINGING) One more time, we say you're

pulling me closer and closer.

Well, that was--

I mean, that was the mandate that Aiden was talking

about when we first started as a youth ministry,

is that we would write songs that represented our youth


And not only that, songs that young people

would want to sing to.

They would want to dance to, and ultimately songs

that they would resource them to show their friends at school.

To actually even get beyond the four walls of the church.

So, I think that's the funny thing is, like,

people often ask, like, how we can

keep doing that, and writing songs like this.

And I think it's just-- it's what we listen to,

it's what we love, it's what we love to create.

So it actually is a supernatural thing.

I think it's always been really funny.

It's just, I feel like God's hand has been all over it

all these years.

It just-- it has to be.

And then ultimately, as well, like,

I think the fun thing about this album,

as well, is not only is it, I feel like, a step forward

from the first album musically, but also lyrically,

and what the songs say.

It's pretty cool that not just as a ministry, but us as well,

like, where we've come.

Our relationships with God, how they've moved forward.

And I think youth revival is an expression

of where we are as a church, and where we are as a band,

as well.

Now, you're at work on another project, too?

We're expecting some new music soon?

Or hoping?





Always working on it.

Always working on the next thing.

Yeah, there could be a new song coming very soon,

in the next couple of weeks.



Thank you.

Thank you for giving us the scoop here.


So there could be something new in the works.


I have to ask you this, just because--

it's a huge name here in America who really, really loves you--

Justin Bieber has been posting on Instagram.

Him at Young & Free concerts, him dancing.

His favorite song, I think, is "Falling Into You."

(SINGING) 1, 2, 3.

How does it feel to have someone

like that really just champion the music that you're

putting out?

I think it's really cool that someone as influential

as him is making a stand for Jesus.

And the fact that he is listening to worship music,

and can use his platform to--

I don't know, get the message out there about Jesus,

and who he is, and what he's done--

is just an honor, I guess.

And-- yeah, we want to keep reaching people.

The nameless, the famous, and--

yeah, that's what it's about.

God's about people, and we want to be about people.

(SINGING) Cause no one's gonna love me like you.

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