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Pain Brings Active Lifestyle to a Halt

Years after her knee replacement, Faye began experiencing debilitating hip pain. Doctors couldn't find anything wrong, but she longed to return to her favorite activities. Read Transcript


NARRATOR: For years, retired art teacher Faye Brassie

lived in constant pain from her genetically deformed knees.

I was in so much pain that I wore a brace for 10 years.

NARRATOR: Eventually, doctors replaced both of her knees

and she was able to continue her active lifestyle of skiing,

cycling, and gardening.

But years later, she began experiencing pain

in her right hip.

It was intense.

It was very sharp.

And to me, it was debilitating.

I thought I was going to have to have a hip replacement.

But I went to the doctor.

They said, no.

It has to do with your muscles.

NARRATOR: Faye saw physical therapists, chiropractors,

and orthopedic doctors, but none of them

could find anything wrong.

And I really had sort of given up,

just to say, OK, this is your plight.

You're just going to have to deal with this.

NARRATOR: For the next 10 years, Faye lived in pain.

Even normal day activities-- such as driving, sleeping,

and cleaning--

caused her problems.

I'd say, oh, it hurts too bad, I think I'll just rest.

You know.

And my idea of resting was sitting and reading

or watching TV or something because the only time it didn't

hurt was when I was sitting.

NARRATOR: One day while resting, Faye

was watching "The 700 Club" when Gordon started praying.

GORDON ROBERTSON: Lord, we just come to you.

People with joint issues, not just the knees

but also the right hip, right knee, several joint issues

being healed right now.

What you couldn't do before, you couldn't move it without pain,

God's healing it right now.

And I thought, I wonder if that's me.

And I said, I'll try.

Could that be made that you're talking about?

If it is, yes, I'll take it.

NARRATOR: At the moment, nothing changed.

But several days later, Faye noticed something

different while talking with her husband.

I said, you know that pain in my hip?

It's gone.

He said, what did you do?

I said, all right, this may sound a little hokey,

but I was watching "The 700 Club."

And I touched the place where they told me to touch.

And it has not come back.

NARRATOR: Now, Faye continues her active lifestyle

with no pain.

It's wonderful not to have to think about the pain

and adjusting for the pain.

It was like a gift.

So I felt like that was really special,

that it just came from God.

You know, meant to be.

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