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Archaeologists Unearth Roman Era Stone Water Pots near Biblical Cana

Archaeologists Unearth Roman Era Stone Water Pots near Biblical Cana Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Building in Israel often turns up

ancient surprises like this 2,000 year old workshop

during the construction of a new sports

center in the area of biblical Cana in the Galilee.

What we have here is a cave, an artificially hewn cave,

which was hewn out by ancient quarriers 2,000 years ago.

So this was both a quarry and a work shop for the production of


NARRATOR: Ariel University archaeologist Dr. Yonatan Adler

is heading the excavation.

YONATAN ADLER: We have a huge amount

of production waste, which includes both cores, which

were taken out from the inside of mugs and bowls,

which were produced here.

These vessels that had broken during that production process.

Archaeologists uncover literally thousands

of these cores at the site.

And what the craftsman threw away

as production waste 2,000 years ago

has become a treasure today.

YONATAN ADLER: This is an exciting find.

And here for the first time we have production sites

in Galilee which we're able to excavate.

And to learn more about the observance of ritual purity

2,000 years ago.

NARRATOR: The New Testament specifically

mentions stone vessels and those purification

laws when Jesus turns the water into wine

at the wedding in Cana.

"Now there were a set there six water pots of stone,

according to the manner of purification of the Jews.

Stone is a material that doesn't become impure,

as opposed to pottery vessels if they

came in contact with something impure or a corpse or something

like that, then the pottery vessel would become impure

and that would have to be broken, it couldn't be reused.

NARRATOR: Israel antiquities authority archaeologist

Yardenna Alexandre said stone is considered pure all the time.

If the population was concerned

with keeping the purity laws, then they

would make sure that they have some of these chalk

vessels in the houses.

NARRATOR: Archeologists haven't found any large stone vessels

like the water jugs at Cana at this site yet,

but they hope to be allowed to continue

to excavate for more ancient treasures

despite the building of the new sports.


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