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'Daughters before Dollars': Why This Lawmaker Says Texas Bathroom Fight Is a Women's Rights Issue

'Daughters before Dollars': Why This Lawmaker Says Texas Bathroom Fight Is a Women's Rights Issue Read Transcript

Well, a divided GOP split between establishment

Republicans and Tea Party conservatives

sounds like Capitol Hill here in Washington.

But similar battles are also popping up at the state level.

I recently traveled to Texas, where

the division has brought a bathroom

bill to the verge of collapse.

Texas lawmakers have a shorter summer vacation,

thanks to a 30-day special session called by the governor

to address key issues from property taxes

to school funding and new abortion restrictions.

But the issue getting the most attention

is the Texas Privacy Act, or more

commonly known as the bathroom bill.

It would require public schools and government buildings

to limit bathroom use to a person's gender

as reflected on their birth certificate or driver's

license, and keep transgender athletes from competing

in high school sports.

And we need to demand that they need to stop SB3.

JOHN JESSUP: Allies protesting the measure

include transgender Texans, big business, and law enforcement.

We are not trying to harm anyone,

and we're just saying that we are part of society

and we deserve to be treated with respect.

JOHN JESSUP: They call it hateful, bigoted,

and an attack on their civil rights.

The bill's author sees it differently.

When we talk about the civil rights issue of our time,

I think that this is for me, a women's rights

issue of our time.

JOHN JESSUP: Lois Kolkorst told CBN News

she spent a lot of time in prayer over the issue.

I really went into this about protecting women and children

in those intimate spaces from what would be sexual predators.

I think that the mainstream media has turned it

into something else.

JOHN JESSUP: While it passed the Senate,

moderate Republican leaders in the House

appear to have blocked the measure, saying

it could drive away business.

We've seen firsthand what's happened in North Carolina.

They repealed the bill because it was such a bad idea.

Why would we want to go down that road?

JOHN JESSUP: Not everyone is convinced.

Welcome to the Texas Values Report.

This is Jonathan Saenz.

Great to be with you.

This issue is no question a national issue.

JOHN JESSUP: Jonathan Saenz of the pro-family group

Texas Values has taken to the airwaves

to rally support among lawmakers and the public.

Texas has been the best state for business

for 13 straight years.

We're going to be just fine.

And I think we're going to be even better when

we protect privacy.

Backers of the so-called bathroom bill are hopeful that

if lawmakers are able to approve of the Texas Privacy Act during

this special legislative session,

that their efforts will serve as a model for other states

to follow.

If Texas is able to hold the line on this issue,

and show people across the country

that when you stand up for commonsense values, when you

protect privacy, you're going to see the economy do well,

you're going to see it make sense,

and you're going to see people that run for elective office

realize that that's one way you continue to stay in office.

JOHN JESSUP: While the LGBT community

says they fight for equality and justice, for Senator Kolkorst,

this is about safety and in her words,

putting daughters before dollars.

We don't want to discriminate.

We're all God's people, we're all God's people.

But that should not infringe on those

that choose to identify with the birth

that God gave them, with the sex that God gave them.

And Terry, what we experienced in Texas

was passionate debate on both sides.

Well, protection of privacy seems like a pretty common

sense issue.

And we ought to be intelligent enough to figure out

how to do that for everybody.


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