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40-years after His Death You Can Read Elvis's Bible, Including Handwritten Notes

40-years after His Death You Can Read Elvis's Bible, Including Handwritten Notes Read Transcript

SCOTT ROSS (VOICEOVER): It's estimated

that Elvis Presley sold over one billion records worldwide.

That's more than anyone in the history of the record industry.

But he only won three Grammys, and those were for

"How Great Thou Art" and "He Touched Me,"

all gospel performances.

ELVIS PRESLEY: (SINGING) Oh, He touched me.


member of the hit gospel group "The Imperials," who

performed with Elvis for many years,

knows another side of Elvis unknown to many Elvis fans.

My wife, Nedra, and I were listening to his gospel albums,

the CDs now, and when you hear that man sing that music,

you said, he wasn't just singing songs.

This was something that was coming from here.


SCOTT ROSS: Was that real for him?

JOE MOSCHEO: Oh, yeah.

My favorite performance of Elvis is from the '68 Special,

when he sings in this white suit, "If I Can Dream.

ELVIS PRESLEY: (SINGING) Out there in the dark,

there's a beckoning candle, oh, yeah.

When he sings, "If I can dream of a better land,"

it's so convincing, and it's so honest.

And that's the real Elvis.

In the early part of the book, you

say, people have talked enough about the negative side.

You said, I want to emphasize another side.

And it's what the title says, "The Gospel Side of Elvis."

And story after story after story, he'd come offstage--

I mean, he would work and work and work.

And then he would literally call you guys together,

either backstage or in a hotel room--


SCOTT ROSS: To have gospel sessions that went for hours,

sometimes all night long.

Yeah, I mean, it was--

that's what he wanted to do.

It was like there were two parts.

It was Elvis, the superstar, and he went out onstage

with his jumpsuits, and he was Elvis.

And then when he came offstage, he

was Elvis Presley from Tupelo, Mississippi, that

was brought up in the church, and he

wanted to sing gospel music.

ELVIS PRESLEY: (SINGING) Then sings my soul."


toured with Elvis from 1969 till 1972

and recorded two gospel albums with him,

including Elvis' final Grammy Award-winning

album, "He Touched Me."

ELVIS PRESLEY: (SINGING) And now I know He touched me.

SCOTT ROSS (VOICEOVER): In 1998, the Imperials

were inducted into the Gospel Music Association's Gospel

Music Hall of Fame.

Today, they still perform worldwide

and have Elvis to thank for it.

Elvis opened the door for us.

And so now, 30 years later after his death,

we're still singing around the world.

And we're still singing gospel music

to an audience that has never really heard it before.

And Elvis is the one that opened the door for us.

As I understood, when Elvis died,

he was reading a book about Jesus

and the search for the historical Christ.

Yeah, I mean, there's a lot--

SCOTT ROSS: All sorts of stories.

All sorts of stories.

But I gave Him a Bible, you know, I don't--

it's in there.

It's really hard for me to talk about it.

It really is.

But I-- I said, Elvis, I've got something for you.

And I said, I know you're struggling,

and I know you having a hard time.

But every answer you need is in this book.

So all you have to do is read it, and it's real simple now.

It's in plain English, just read this book.

And we hugged, and I left.

And that's the last time I saw him.

To use the vernacular-- to use the terminology,

was Elvis Presley saved?

Did he know God?

Did he know Jesus Christ?

Well, of course, I--

I believe that he was.

Now I'm not a judge, and I'm not the final word on this.

But from my experience and from being

around him, and from his attitude,

you know, he wasn't perfect, you know.

I don't see anyone here.

No, thank you, yeah.

I mean, he certainly had demons.

I mean, he had problems.

I mean, it's really hard to imagine

that a guy that was Elvis Presley could be without that.

But from all these indications, and just

being around him in these intimate settings,

I really feel that he was a Christian.

I really do.

And I felt he was trying as hard as he could.

He was holding on as hard as he could.

And I hope to see him one day.

ELVIS PRESLEY: (SINGING) Come through, whoa.


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