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Record Number of Jews Visit Temple Mount Under Threat of More Violence

Record Number of Jews Visit Temple Mount Under Threat of More Violence Read Transcript

Thanks, Eric.

Well, turning overseas, a new report

reveals more Jewish Israelis visited the Temple Mount

last month than any other in half a century.

3,200 Jewish visitors made the trek to the holy site.

That, despite escalating tension and violence,

after three Israeli Arabs killed two policemen

in a terror attack.

Israel had launched extra security measures at the Temple

Mount to prevent more terrorism, but those measures

were later relaxed after an intense backlash.

Let's go back to Terry for more on this story.

Thanks, John.

Well, joining us now is our CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief

Chris Mitchell.

He's the author of the book, "ISIS, Iran, and Israel: What

You Need to Know About the Middle East

Crisis and the Upcoming War."

Chris, it's great to have you with us.

Terry, great to be with you.

You know, the Temple Mount is always

a bit of a confusion to me.

There's always tension there.

It seems to have relaxed itself a little bit for the moment,

but what's the underlying issue there?

I think the basic, underlying conflict

is who's going to be in control of the Temple Mount.

You know, it was 17 years ago today

that I went with Liz and our children

to establish a news bureau there in Jerusalem.

And five weeks later, what's called

the Second Intifada began.

And the claim then was that the Al-Aqsa Mosque was in danger.

It's the same claim now, that the Al-Aqsa Mosque

is endangered by the Jewish Israeli state.

But even though it's a false narrative,

that's something that they continue to claim.

And even 50 years later, after Israel finally

took over the Temple Mount after more than 2,000 years,

that's still the issue.

Who's going to be in control of the Temple Mount?

Well, you know, that's the confusion of it.

You know that it's Israeli turf in a sense,

but controlled by what seems to be going on on the other thing.


Israel has sovereignty over the Temple Mount,

but the administrative, day-to-day activities

are controlled by the Islamic Waqf.

But the ultimate goal of many Muslims

is to reclaim the Temple Mount for themselves.

And that's the conflict.

Well, Iran seems to remain the top threat to Israel

and a lot of the world.

But talk a little bit about the recent conversation

you had with former Congressman Frank Wolf.

I just talked to him last night just outside

of Washington D.C., and he talked about that Iran is

the main threat right now to Israel.

And right now, there's a race for the ruins inside Syria

after the Syrian Civil War.

Iran is pouring in men and machines and weapons

to that area, to try to reclaim that area.

What they're trying to do is have a land bridge

all the way from Tehran, from Iran, all the way

to the Mediterranean.

Once they do that, they can pour more men and munitions

and establish military bases to threaten Israel.

Now, Israel will have to do something to counter that.

They may strike those bases.

And if they do, that could lead to a direct war

between Israel and Iran.

Which means that even though ISIS is being defeated,

it could lead to a more dangerous season right now

after the Syrian Civil War.

And one other thing that he told me, Terry,

was the fact that many Christians right now--

Christianity is really at risk in northern Iraq,

and it may suffer.

In the next six months, if something is not

done by the Trump administration,

and if the Christian Church doesn't speak out on the West,

many of these Christians won't go back

to the homes that had been destroyed by ISIS.

Does speaking out make a difference?

Yes, it does.

Makes a big difference.

In fact, many of the Christians over there

say, why isn't the church in the West speaking out more for us?

And many times, they feel abandoned because of what's

happened in the last few years.

Well, their whole lifestyle's been threatened there.

That's true.

We thank you.

I know next week we're going to have

a report from you on some fascinating things about what's

going on with the Dead Sea.

So we'll look forward to that as well.

It's always great to have you here.

Great to be with you, Terry.

It's like you come home.



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