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Terrorism Returns to Spain: Three Attacks in Three Days

Terrorism Returns to Spain: Three Attacks in Three Days Read Transcript

Islamic terrorists have struck again in the heart of Europe.

Not in Paris, London, Brussels, or Berlin.

This time two vehicle attacks in Spain.

The two attacks came within hours of one another.

The first one late Thursday afternoon

in Las Ramblas, a popular tourist spot in Barcelona.

I didn't see any of the bodies or anything or the driver.

But I caught it out of the corner of my eye,

and heard it right behind me.

Police arrested two men.

One of them was Moroccan Driss Oukabir,

who allegedly rented the van used in the terrorist attack.

The driver of the vehicle was still at large.

A second attack early Friday morning, 70 miles away

in Cambrils.

Another pedestrian attack along a boardwalk.

This time six people were injured before police

gunned down the terrorists.

All five of them were wearing fake suicide vests.

And investigators say they were also planning

some kind of gas attack.

The CIA reportedly informed Spain two months ago

that Las Ramblas was a target.

The warning came after jihadists said

they planned to spread terror to popular Mediterranean tourist


Police say the two incidents may have

been linked to an explosion in another Spanish city

on Wednesday.

Spanish authorities say some of the injured in the Barcelona

attack are in critical condition.

So unfortunately, the death toll may rise.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility

for the Barcelona attack.

International terrorism experts say some jihadists

who joined ISIS have now been chased from Syria and Iraq,

and they're returning home.

And that means there may be more Barcelona-style attacks

in Europe and elsewhere in the days ahead.

Gary Lane, CBN News.


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