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How Einstein Helped Prove God is the Creator

How Einstein Helped Prove God is the Creator Read Transcript

The eclipse next week may be a big sensation,

but another one back in 1919 may have had a much bigger impact.

Because as Paul Strand tells us, it started the ball rolling

on a revolution in our understanding of the universe.

As we get ready for the August 21st total solar eclipse,

it's time to note a similar eclipse brought Albert Einstein

his worldwide fame.

And some would say brought proof of a creator.

Einstein came up with his theory of general relativity way

back in the start of the 1900s.

Was there an eclipse involved in actually

popularizing his theory.

There was an opportunity with the 1919 total solar eclipse

in Brazil to put the theory of general relativity to the test.

Because what was unique about that theory

of general relativity, it predicted

that the gravity of the sun would bend the light of stars.

And indeed they were able to confirm that the star light was

bent by the amount that the theory of general relativity


And so that was an amazing confirmation.

And that got picked up by newspapers around the world.

And suddenly Albert Einstein became a household name,

and his theory of general relativity

became established in the minds of physicists and astronomers.

And what was significant about that,

it's that theory of general relativity

that predicts there is a beginning to the universe.

Until Albert Einstein's theory came along,

astronomers and physicists thought the universe

was infinitely old.

The theory of general relativity now

said, no, it's finite in time.

It has a beginning, which implies

there must be a beginner that was responsible for bringing

the universe into existence.

So people began to accept this then, his theory.

And I was going to ask you what the philosophical implications

of this were.

It said space and time were created.

Space and time have a beginning, which

means there must be an agent beyond space and time

that created our universe of matter, energy, space,

and time.

Did it show anything about the God of the Bible as

compared to the other gods that people

in different places of the world believed in.

I wasn't raised in a Christian home.

But when I was studying the different religions

of the world, what I noticed is that the non-biblical religions

teach that God or gods create within space and time that

eternally exists.

But the biblical God, the universe

doesn't exist until space and time exists.

He creates space and time.

And so as a young man, I recognized that thanks

to the space-time theorems, it's the God of the Bible

that created the universe, not the gods of the other religions

of the world.

Today, general relativity ranks as the most exhaustively

tested and best-proven principle in all of physics.

I mean, there's nothing we are more

confident of than the reliability of the theory

of general relativity.

Which means that, likewise, we have confidence

that there must be a God beyond space and time

that created our universe.

And that's how an eclipse brought Einstein global fame

and more legitimacy to the idea this universe had a beginning

and maybe someone to begin it.

Paul Strand, CBN News, reporting from Herndon, Virginia.


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