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Solar Eclipse Evangelism: Jesus Blocks God's Judgment Like the Moon Blocks the Sun

Solar Eclipse Evangelism: Jesus Blocks God's Judgment Like the Moon Blocks the Sun Read Transcript

Princeton, Kentucky is just about a mile

away from where NASA says the eclipse will

be at its most intense.

Thousands of people have flocked to the small town

to view this once in a lifetime event.

And a ministry in the area decided

this was a great opportunity to share

the gospel with those guests.

The event is called SolQuest.

And it's hosted by HR Ministries.

Joining us right now is Harrell Riley

who came up with the idea.

So you're about two hours away from the eclipse happening.

Describe the atmosphere right now.

It's very excited.

We have a lot of folks coming in the front gate still.

As they do that, we have a map up front.

Folks are marking it from all over the globe.

We've got about probably 2,000 plus people here right now.

And as I'm speaking, we have the signs down on the main stage

sharing the gospel as I see with some presentations related

to science, followed by Ravi Zacharias's ministry.

And then we're handing out 5,000 pairs of free glasses.

And then we're all going to come out

on the field to see this great event that only God can do.

Now I know that your idea for this was to share God's love.

How are you doing that?

We're doing that-- all the yellow shirts you see behind me

[INAUDIBLE] the reality is this.

People have been sharing bottles of water.

We've been hauling campers to the camp site.

We've had several different presentations

from the Crazy Tie Guy, God's Cowboy Armor, Heaven Bound

Clowns, [INAUDIBLE] Ministries, and [INAUDIBLE] Ken Freeman


There were five people saved the other night in that.

There's been a total reported of about 20 people that

come to faith in Christ.

And we are glad to be sharing that

with the globe at this point.

That's beautiful.

Boy, more than 20 have come to Christ.

Are those asking spiritual questions?

Yes, sir?

I said are others asking spiritual questions?

Has a clip sparked a spiritual hunger?

Well, we see a lot of folks in the mix of things that

are really, really hungering for the sun itself to check out

what's going on.

Because of that, we've had a very interesting conversations.

The biggest thing that I would tell people about this event

is because there's been people here to serve,

people have really been blown away

by the graciousness of people, the free water, and those kinds

of things which has given the avenue for us

to be able to share the gospel.

So in the mix of the excitement and the draw for people

to come out and be a part of it--

we had people parked out on the highway 5 o'clock this morning.

I don't know that it's a spiritual hunger as much as it

is a curiosity hunger.

But in that curiosity, us interrupting them

with a graciousness and freedom, they

have been very receptive to listen

to the gospel of Jesus Christ from Muslims to Hindus

to folks that really don't even care.


So what happens when the eclipse passes overhead?

Well, about 20 minutes beforehand [AUDIO OUT]

large telescope [AUDIO OUT] there's

a whole lot of events set up.

I believe everybody [INAUDIBLE] the grass in the mix of things

so that in the heat of the sun out here,

it's going to start shadowing up.

And the whole process [INAUDIBLE] the [INAUDIBLE]

of when that moon blocks the sun, OK [INAUDIBLE],,

a spectacular event.

And one of our folks shared with us

the end of the day, it's kind the way

that Jesus stepped in front of God, [INAUDIBLE] judgement




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