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16-Year Afghanistan War: President Will Unveil New Plan

16-Year Afghanistan War: President Will Unveil New Plan Read Transcript

AMBER C. STRONG: Hey, friends Amber C Strong here.

Recently the president said the US would soon

have answers when it came to the US's role in Afghanistan.

Tonight he's expected to deliver those answers

in a national address.

The question, should we stay or should we go?

What are the options when it comes to the US's involvement

in the longest running war in our history?

CBN News National Security Correspondent Erik Rosales

breaks down the pros and cons, and what he's hearing

from the Pentagon and beyond.

ERIK ROSALES: We have several options, one of which

is to do nothing, and leave things as status quo,

a lot of people don't want that.

Another option would be to withdraw the entire troop,

but then that would end up causing the Afghan government,

to which only controls about half of the country,

to be on their own against the Taliban,

and they wouldn't be able to do that as well.

Another option that we're hearing

is possibly bringing in 4,000 troops to the area

to train the Afghan forces, and that would hopefully

bolster counter-terrorism in the area,

and prevent the Taliban from expanding.

And we're also hearing that private security,

private forces, could also be hired,

either by the Afghan government or by the US government.

AMBER C. STRONG: Of course this speech also gives the president

an opportunity to try to hit the reset button

after an incredibly divided couple of weeks here in the US

and shift the focus back to policy.

And you can watch that speech in its entirety

at 9:00 PM Eastern on

and on the CBN News Facebook.

So be sure to subscribe for live notifications.

And weigh in, tell us your thoughts,

has the war in Afghanistan affected

your family personally, and should we stay or should we go?

Amber C Strong, CBN News in Washington.

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