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Fmr So. Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd to Head National Day of Prayer

Fmr So. Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd to Head National Day of Prayer Read Transcript

Dr. Ronnie Floyd is the new president

of the National Day of Prayer.

Dr. Floyd is a former president of the Southern Baptist


He's also Senior Pastor of Cross Church in Arkansas,

and he serves on the Evangelical Advisory Council

for President Donald Trump.

Dr. Floyd joins us now via Skype.

Thank you so much for being with us today, Dr. Floyd.

Thank you so much for the privilege to do so.

Well, first of all, congratulations

on your appointment as President of the National Day of Prayer.

Talk about your new position and what you

hope to accomplish in your new role.

Well thank you very much.

I'm very humbled and overwhelmed by this calling in my life,

and the board of directors of the National Day of Prayer

ask me to come in and lead and inspire

the team we have, along with doing everything

we can to mobilize unified public prayer for America,

all leading toward, of course, the first Thursday in May,

which has been deemed as the National Day of Prayer

since 1988 by Ronald Reagan, signed into law at that time.

And we're so thankful for a country whereby we can pray,

and so all these weeks and all these days leading up,

our task force of workers and volunteers and lay folks

will do everything we can to get as many Americans as

possible to be able to surge forward

and pray on that day, May the 3rd, 2018.

but all the way leading to that day as well.


Dr. Floyd, you also serve on the president's Evangelical

Advisory Council.

Talk about that and the importance

of praying for the President.

Well, I have prayed for every president

in probably, I don't know, 20 or 30 years every day of my life.

And I prayed for President Barack Obama

every day, prayed for his family, prayed for his wisdom,

his security, for his family, for our nation.

I'm very passionate about doing that

as well for President Trump.

And so I've just carried on a normal practice that I do.

To me praying, for the leaders of our nation

have nothing to do with political persuasions, party

preferences, it has to do what's right.

God has called us in holy scripture

to pray for the leaders of our country.

And that's what I do, and that's what I continually

do every day.

And periodically, when we meet together in relationship

to-- whether it's a phone call or whether we've had one or two

meetings in Washington, then we have the opportunity

as a team to pray together for the President.

And one time, of course, as most people know,

that have followed the leadership of that experience,

we have the privilege to be able to pray for him in person.

But that was one time.

And we're very grateful for that privilege

and we're thankful for it.


Well, as former president of the Southern Baptist Convention,

you once led a historic event on race relations.

How do you hope your experience can help heal the racial divide

that we're seeing in the church and in our nation right now?

Well thank you so much for that question,

because unquestionably, this is one of the greatest

issues in our country today.

I'm telling you, I am so concerned

with the racial divide.

And I began to see it right when Ferguson happened,

and immediately I began to move into action

as the President of the Southern Baptist Convention

to lead toward that.

And we did many, many things relating to that,

and we brought together people from all races and ethnicities

to be a part of gatherings to do everything

we can to try our very best to model together

racial unity in America.

And what we need to understand, that regardless

of our political persuasions, regardless

of our political parties that some

might prefer to associate with and believe in,

we had better understand the church

needs to lead this issue.

This is way beyond a political issue,

but the church needs to lead toward solving this issue.

It is only through the gospel of Jesus Christ

that people are able to understand that we're

a part of one family, and one family that

is a part of being created by a God who created all of us

in His image.

And you know the great thing about it is that God loves us.

He's not committed to one race over another race.

I have taken strong stance against white supremacy,

against anything in the world that

would show the premier situation with anyone in relationship

of the color of their skin.

I denounce that.

I don't believe it.

We need to have the honor of the dignity of human life

from the womb all the way until the end of life, regardless

of who we may be, or the color of our skin,

or the background of our ethnicity,

or our racial preferences or what we are racially.

So what we need to understand is we must

be the model for this country.

The Church of Jesus Christ can stand up in this season

and make a real, real difference.


Well, Dr. Floyd, in 2014 you also wrote

about the spiritual health of our nation

and how it actually affects the state of our nation.

Talk about that and your hopes for a real revival in America.

Well, I have believed for many, many years

that the greatest hope for this nation

is the next great move of God.

I am firmly convinced, with all of my being,

that the greatest thing we can do

is unite together and join together,

just as the great historian and the great father in the faith

Jonathan Edwards said, we need to come together

in extraordinary prayer and ask God for the next Great


And that's exactly what America needs.

America needs the next Great Awakening.

And that's why Christians, regardless of who we are

and where we are, we need to do all

we can to pray every day, asking God, calling out to God.

Pastors need to lead their churches toward asking the Lord

for that on a weekly basis.

And we need to let prayer return to the church like never


I'm reminded of the Bible verse that, when

they had prayed the place where they gathered together

was shaken, they were all filled with Holy Spirit,

they spoke the word of God, with boldness.

God shook the place, the Bible said.

And that's exactly what we need to do.

And we know that it God's people will humble themselves and pray

and seek His face and turn from our wicked ways,

then we will hear from heaven and God will forgive our sin.

And we believe He has the power to heal our land.

We know that God can do that still today

in America in this generation.

And that's what we're trusting him for.

And I tell you what, if I didn't have that hope,

and I did have that trust, I don't know what I would do.

But I have a deep, deep belief that God

wants to use the very place we are as a country today--

divided, polarized, division unlike anything I've ever seen,

many say we're on the brink of civil war--

this is a time that God is able to intervene and to bring

about the next great move of God in this country.


Well that really flows right into the next question I

was going to ask you, Dr. Floyd.

You also said that in America, we've

replaced God with government.

And how do we get back to God as the head of our nation?

And you basically outlined that a little bit.

Can you elaborate on that a little more?

Well, it's very important that we understand

that government has a place.

Government is there to protect the citizens from harm,

to give us security in our nation, to establish laws

whereby people are able to live their life.

And thank God for that.

Because we are given the privileges of religious liberty

because we live in a country that

has laws that permit the ability to have

the freedom of religious expression

and the liberty to worship God anywhere

anytime on any day of the week.

But also we need to understand that the answer

to the future of our country is not a greater government.

The government has to do what it has to do,

but the answer is found in Christ and in Christ alone.

And the Church of Jesus Christ has the answer.

That Jesus is able d to come into this world.

He came into this world to save people from their sins.


And that is the whole of the gospel

and the hope for this country.


Dr. Ronnie Floyd.

Thank you so much.

Congratulations again on your new appointment.

God bless you and thank you so much for your time.

Thank you so much please.

Pray for me.

We certainly will, sir.

God bless you.

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