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Was the USS McCain the Target of a Cyberattack?

Was the USS McCain the Target of a Cyberattack? Read Transcript

Could Sunday's collision involving the USS John McCain

have been more than an accident?

Top Navy leaders are not ruling out any possibility.

CBN's national security correspondent Erik Rosales

shows us that includes looking into a potential cyber attack.

[INAUDIBLE] Officer says he is not ruling anything out

regarding the Pacific Fleet's latest collision.

That includes sailor error, an intentional action,

or even the possibility of a cyber attack

by another country.

I have directed a more comprehensive review

to ensure that we get at the contributing factors, the root

causes of these incidents.

ERIK ROSALES: While the chief of naval operations

admitted the Navy has no evidence

of an intentional action, Admiral Richardson

did say, quote, "We're looking at every possibility

and leaving nothing to chance."

Navy warships like the USS McCain

have incredible radar that reaches out 20 miles.

In this case, something went wrong.

ERIK ROSALES: We talked with author and editor

for "The Washington Free Beacon" Bill Gertz

about the possibility of the electronic defenses

on the Aegis guided missile destroyer being hacked.

The Chinese have stolen Aegis technology,

and they've incorporated that into their own Aegis-style


So they could have an understanding

of how the electronics on that ship work.

ERIK ROSALES: The Navy says it's taking steps

to prevent another accident.

This trend demands more forceful action.

As such, I direct an operational pause

be taken in all of our fleets around the world.

ERIK ROSALES: Sources tell CBN News

the pause is a one-day safety stand down

that will be done over the course of a couple of weeks,

at the discretion of individual commands.

I will examine the process by which we train

and certify our forces that are forward

deployed in Japan to make sure that we're doing everything

we can to make them ready for operations and war fighting.

ERIK ROSALES: Sunday's collision becomes

the second in three months for the Navy's Pacific Fleet.

Back in June, seven sailors aboard the USS Fitzgerald

died after it hit a much larger cargo ship.

That investigation led the Navy to relieve the Fitzgerald's

commanding officer and several others of duty

over the crew's actions.

Navy top brass tells CBN News if it turns out to be a training

issue, they will get it fixed.

And the problem could get worse.

President Trump plans to grow the Navy's fleet from 274 ships

to 350.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.


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