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'I Trust God so Much': ISIS Slaughtered Her Family, so What Restored This Refugee's Hope?

'I Trust God so Much': ISIS Slaughtered Her Family, so What Restored This Refugee's Hope? Read Transcript

I'm standing on Mars Hill.

This is the very spot where the apostle Paul first

introduced the Athenians to the gospel message.

He talked to them about their unknown God

and then introduced them to the one true God.

2000 years later, Evangelists are still

preaching the gospel here.

But instead of traveling long distances,

like they did during the time of Paul, those that are hoping

to reach, are coming to them.

They're coming by the tens of thousands.

Refugees and migrants fleeing war and hardship

in their home countries.

Seeking refuge and a more promising future.

Greece is their first stop in Europe.



TRANSLATOR: I came to Greece with no purpose in mind.

Not for money, not for wealth.

I just want to forget what happened to my children.

I want to live in a safe place and forget my children.

GARY LANE: In 2015, a sniper in the Syrian Civil War

killed Amal's husband.

A week later, while still grieving his death,

she traveled to see her sister.



TRANSLATOR: I left my sons at home

and went to visit my sister who lives 7 hours away.

Her husband had just passed away.

I went to comfort her.

ISIS members came in the house at night

while my sons were sleeping and slaughtered them.

GARY LANE: Traumatized, Amal left the hurt and heartache

of Syria behind.

She made her way to Turkey and then Greece.

Alone in a strange land, Amal, which means hope in Arabic,

soon lost hope.

TRANSLATOR: I have no one to talk to.

I feel like my head is going to explode.

I cannot sleep if I do not take a sleeping aid.

I'm not used to being alone.

I'm used to having my sons around me.


GARY LANE: Around that same time,

other refugees found a caring family

at the Apostolic Evangelical Church of Thessaloniki.

GARY LANE: We saw that need coming to our door,

coming to our city.

And we had to react.

GARY LANE: As a part of that outreach,

a volunteer named Katie approached Amal.

KATY: I sat down next to her and I hug her.

And I said, it's OK to pray with your God And I said it's OK.

TRANSLATOR: When Katy saw me, she hugged me and helped me.

She took me to church where I showered

and she gave me clothes.

When I visited the church on Friday, I felt so comfortable

and I slept that night without taking a sleeping pill.

I was so happy.

I loved the program.

Everything I heard was so true.

It's all in the Bible.

It was a happy day for me.

GARY LANE: Afterward Amal underwent an operation

to remove a spot on her liver.

She then told "CBN News" how the experience grew her faith.

WIDOW AMAL: It's true that my children were taken away.

But God stood by me when I needed him doing the surgery.

After surgery, my connection with God

became stronger because I got to the church more often

and I could trust God.

This is the only thing that matters.

GARY LANE: As a result, Amal made a big decision.

Then demonstrated her commitment to Christ.

TRANSLATOR: I was baptized because I trust God so much.

GARY LANE: The United Nations placed

Amal in an apartment along with a Muslim family.

Although she would prefer to share housing

with a Christian widow, like herself.

Amal told us, she wants God to use her where she is.

TRANSLATOR: I want to show God's love to others here and be

an example to people.

I'm praying that I'll forget my pain

and experience a new, healthy life, full of joy.

GARY LANE: And after visiting regularly with Amal,

her new friend Katy is optimistic for the future.

KATY: Amal means hope and I think, nothing is by chance.

Yes, I think there is hope for hope.

There is hope for Amal.

GARY LANE: Gary Lane, "CBN News," Thessalonica, Greece.


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