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Set It Straight Bob Heghmann on Suing the G.O.P.

Set It Straight Bob Heghmann on Suing the G.O.P. Read Transcript

Bob Heghmann, a retired attorney from Virginia Beach,

has decided to sue the GOP for fraud and racketeering.

He says he wants his donations back

after the party failed to repeal Obamacare.

He joins us now here on the "Global Lane."

Bob, is this fraud?


What are your charges here?

It's civil RICO, which is a civil fraud.

Civil racketeering.

They, with the Republican National Committee

alone, they collected $735 million.

INTERVIEWER: On this issue.

On this issue, since 2010.

At the state level, they've probably

collected another $50 or $60 million, at least.

They collected all of that money,

and then they simply said, "Well, we can't do it."

You can repeal Obamacare in a two page piece of legislation.

But you don't think they're serious.

BOB HEGHMANN: They're not.

They're not going to do it there's

too much money behind IT.

Are the, are the insurance companies

financing their campaigns?


Look at me.

Like, I'm 70 years old.

Good health.

Feel fine.

My wife and I have a good social security payment, of course,

of our income.

And between us, we have five corporate pensions.

If I die, we die, Medicare stops, social security stops,

and there's five very happy corporations.

As a result, HHS, Health and Human Services,

the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,

and corporate America is solidly behind Obamacare,

because they see it as a way of cutting off access to health

care as you get older.

Now at some point, it's going to depend

upon the state of your health, where

they're simply going to say, well, you're too sick.

But at some point, they're going to say, you're just too old.

I know that sounds hard, but if people

have been following little Charlie

Gard over in Great Britain--


BOB HEGHMANN: --nine-month-old baby,

that the American health care system

said, we think we can help this baby, send him over.

NIH, National Institutes of Health,

said no, no, this baby doesn't deserve any more health care.

What I'm trying to do is leverage

the threat of having to return all that money,

to get them to do it.

I can draft the bill today.

I know the statutes.

I know the language that has to be in it.

I can do it today.

So can they.

They're not going to do it.

They took the $800 or $900 million

that Republicans contributed under Repeal and Replace.

They took it, they ran for office.

And now they're taking lobbyist money

from everybody who's going to profit from Obamacare

not to repeal it.

The Republican Party today can pass--

both houses-- a two-page bill.

Tomorrow morning, America can go looking

for cheap, affordable health care.

But the Republican parties will not do it.

They will not buck the special interests.

They will not buck HHS or CMS.

It's that simple.

Well, what kind of response are you getting, Bob,

from the American people?

Well, I never expected this thing to take off like this,


Looking through the responses, there

have been 20 TV shows and segments or whatever,

then reading the comments afterwards, 80% to 90%

have been totally positive-- thank you, help me, can I help?

So many people have offered to help me,

I set up a GoFundMe site.

What makes you think you're going

to even get this to a hearing?

Well, that's going to be up to a judge.

But I have a little more faith in the judiciary

than you, perhaps, started off with.

INTERVIEWER: Maybe you weren't a lawyer long enough.


Well, I'd have to have been.

I practiced it in the US federal court,

the Southern District of New York, which

is the cream of the crop.

But I have a high regard for many

of the people on the federal bench.


And it's really going to be--

the main battle is going to be how you cast the case.

My case-- well, what I'm going to go in

and I'm going to say to the judge, Judge,

this is about life and death.

The money's a part of it.

That's leverage.

But this is about life and death.

This is about the ability of the government

to withhold medical care at a certain age or a certain time

in your life.

If I can convince the judge of that,

I'm going to be in very good shape.

They're going to argue the law.

Under civil RICO, you shouldn't be able to do this.

INTERVIEWER: They're going to say it doesn't fall under RICO,

I'm sure.

BOB HEGHMANN: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And so that's going to be the battle.

But there's an interesting case--

years ago, the Los Angeles Police Department

was engaged and fought.

And so the Los Angeles Police Department

was cited as a racketeer.

So my argument's going to be, if the Los Angeles Police

Department can be a racketeer, so can the Republican National


But the people have got to read this and follow it,

and they've really got to stand up.

And I really believe the evangelicals

have got to stand up.

They've got to go to the Republicans.

And I'm talking about the House and the Senate.

INTERVIEWER: Hold them accountable.

BOB HEGHMANN: You've got to.

So this guy Heghmann says he can do it in two pages.

Most of all, what I really want to do

is get the publicity where I can embarrass the Republican Party

and go to the people and say, you've

got to go to your neighborhood Republicans.

INTERVIEWER: And you're a Republican.

Oh, lifelong.

Oh, let me make this clear.

So it's not like this is a partisan effort.

No, I ran for the Senate in New Hampshire of 2014.

Donald Trump is not at fault. Donald Trump

has not read the statute.

Donald Trump went to the Republicans in good faith

and said, help me do this, and he got played.

Very simply, he got played.


Well, we're going to see how all of this plays out.

Keep us informed.

And Bob Heghmann, the man who is suing the Republican

Party on health care--

thanks for joining us.

Thank you.


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