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Jordan Sekulow on The Global Lane about FBI and DOJ Documents

Jordan Sekulow on The Global Lane about FBI and DOJ Documents Read Transcript

Before Washington politicians started banging their drums

about Russia, Russia, Russia, evidence

suggested real, provable collusion actually occurred

at the DNC, where Hillary Clinton supporters acted

to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination.

And as they manipulated the process in June 2016,

President Bill Clinton had a 30-minute meeting

with then-US Attorney General Loretta Lynch

on a tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

It came just days before the FBI's interview

with Hillary Clinton regarding her email scandal.

The American Center for Law and Justice

has just obtained some relevant documents

in an attempt to uncover the truth about possible collusion

between the Department of Justice,

the FBI, and the Clinton campaign

to clear Mrs. Clinton of any wrongdoing.

Now, the ACLJ's Jordan Sekulow joins us now.

Jordan, thanks for being with us.

Before we discuss these documents, please tell us,

why should we be so concerned about the former president's

meeting with Loretta Lynch?

We did not have an attorney general

who recused herself even after this meeting

from the investigation.

Loretta Lynch was still in control

of the Department of Justice, and thus in control of the FBI,

and could make the ultimate call on anything

in any matter involving Hillary Clinton.

We also were told that this was kind of a last-minute decision

that former president Bill Clinton decided

to stay on the tarmac an extra few minutes and wait,

and then boarded the attorney general's plane.

But we have in what we've obtained,

in the 413 pages we obtained from the Department of Justice,

we actually have an interesting email.

And it goes to someone who is now actually--

was a DOJ spokesperson, is now the spokesperson for--

Gary, as you mentioned, Russia--

the special counsel, this individual named Peter Carr.

And he's asked by a Washington Post reporter if-- and we

don't get the response, that's redacted--

if the security details of President Clinton,

and at the time Attorney General Lynch,

had basically worked together, because her security detail

would be the FBI.

Why is that important?

Well, back in the summer, the FBI received our FOIA request.

So more than a year ago.

And so did the Department of Justice.

Department of Justice, Gary, never responded.

We had to take them to court.

That's how we got the 413 pages initially,

just a couple of weeks ago.

And the FBI, Gary, told us they got nothing.

Well, they lied about that, then.


Was that a lie?

They lied.

They lied.

So just a few days ago here--

I'm gonna hold it up in my hand--

this is very unusual.

First, they sent us a letter in October saying we looked,

we've got nothing in relation to this meeting.

Then the FOIA came out from the Department of Justice.

They have separate offices.

And then a week after that, we made

some phone calls to the FBI and said,

hey, you know, there's FBI agents and FBI officials

on these emails, and there's FBI redactions in these documents.

So what's going to change here.

They didn't respond.

And then we got the letter in the mail, hey,

we've reopened your Freedom of Information Act request.

And the timing of this.

The president, former president of the United States

met with the sitting US attorney general on a tarmac in Phoenix

just days before his wife was to give testimony

before the FBI on an investigation.

What's up with that?


And just about 10 days before the investigation

for the first time was closed.

And this becomes very relevant, Gary,

because Jim Comey has reintroduced

this in his testimony under oath,

which led to, after his firing and his leaking of memos,

you know, this special counsel investigation, Jim Comey has

pointed to this as one of the reasons why,

the main reason why he took the bizarre step of announcing

that the FBI was closing the investigation when that's not

the job of the FBI.

It's actually they investigate, then

they give the info to the DOJ, and DOJ decides whether or not

to bring charges or to prosecute.

The attorney general.

JORDAN SEKULOW: Why did he make that bizarre decision?


He said he did this because this meeting was so

upsetting to him, yet FBI officials

were working with Department of Justice officials

on the day of the meeting, on the days following the meeting,

and the press to play down the story.

It sure seems like the FBI was being very partisan.

And I want to talk about something else here, the DNC

and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Now, this week we saw an indictment of Pakistani IT whiz

Imran Awan and his wife Hina, who

allegedly committed bank fraud.

They tried to flee to Pakistan.

Before that, Awan was kept on as a congressional staffer

by Wasserman-Schultz after hacking

into government computers.

Now she's defended her actions.

What's going on here?

Might there be a DNC connection?

And where do you think all of this will lead, Jordan?

Well, he had access to her information

at the DNC because he had access to her actual devices,

like her iPad, which would be able to then get into the DNC.

So he could have-- again, I think that these four charges

that we're seeing--

and it's significant that his wife

was allowed to leave the country with more US dollars

than you're allowed to leave with.

It's a limit of 10,000.

She had 12,000.

She was stopped at the airport.

They let her leave with the kids.

When he tried to do it, they arrested him.

Then he got fired, finally, by Wasserman-Schultz.

Now the charges, now we've got the indictments.

I really believe, Gary, these indictments are actually

just the beginning.

We'll see where all this leads as you

take legal action, more legal action, to uncover the truth.

We appreciate you and the ACLJ.

Thanks for joining us today.


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