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Lara Trump: We've Been "Distanced" By Friends

Lara Trump: We've Been "Distanced" By Friends Read Transcript

Have you lost any friends over your father-in-law's politics?

I think we've all--

I don't want to say we've lost friends,

but we've definitely distanced ourselves,

or been distanced by friends.

And I think it's the nature of the beast, you know.

When you get involved in politics,

half the people love you, and half the people hate you.

And my father-in-law was very aware of that going into this.

And he actually asked all of us what we thought of that

and sort of prepped us to say, listen,

this is not going to be easy.

It'll be tough, and some people that are friends of yours

now might not want to be friends with you later.

And it's sad, and I hate that it has to be that way.

And I don't think it has to be that way,

but I understand that people have very strong feelings.

People are very passionate about different things in life,

and and if they feel that they want

to distance themselves from us, then that's up to them.


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