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Homeschooling's Big Benefit: Activist Mommy's Prescription for Fighting 'Epidemic' of Immorality

Homeschooling's Big Benefit: Activist Mommy's Prescription for Fighting 'Epidemic' of Immorality Read Transcript

Elizabeth Johnston is a growing voice

on social media known as the Activist Mommy.

She is a Christian homeschooling mom,

and she often speaks out about controversial topics.

Elizabeth joins us now via Skype.

Thanks for being with us today, Elizabeth.

Hi, Charlene.

Good to be with you again.

And you've got some special guests with you

as well, if you could introduce us to them.

I do, this is two of my children.

I have 10 children.

This is Haven, and this is Faye.

Well hello, beautiful young ladies.

Well, Elizabeth, you are, as you said, a mother of 10,

and you home school your children.

Why did you decide to teach your kids at home?

Charlene, really for several reasons.

First of all, I love my children and I

want to be with them as much as possible,

and sending them off to school really

doesn't afford me the time that I want to spend with them.

Also, schools, for the most part, I think we can agree,

are failing our children miserably.

We are, in America, consistently at the bottom in math

and science and reading, and I believe educationally,

we can do better than that for our children.

Also, peers can be such a negative influence

for our kids, and to me that is at the top of the list.

You know, the Bible says that bad companionship

corrupts good character.

And so I don't want to place my children in a situation five

days a week where they are possibly

going to have their character corrupted.

And lastly, Charlene, I would say

it's really the principle of it for me, that our children--

I didn't have children in order to give them over to the state.

Our kids are not wards of the state they.

They are ours to raise them as we

believe God has shown us to do.

And so, you know, in the schools we

have a lot of humanistic, atheistic indoctrination taking


And I want my children to be able to learn

about the things of God, and learn

about God as their creator.

And so homeschooling has afforded me

all a wonderful opportunity to do that.


Well Elizabeth, as the new school

year is set to start, which is right around the corner,

and some have already started, how are you getting prepared?

What are some of the things that you're doing

and your kids are doing to prepare for this new school


Well I'm in my home school room right now.

You see some desks behind me.

And we are ordering homeschool curriculum.

I am organizing the homeschool room,

clearing out things from last year that I don't need here.

I am assessing my children's strengths and weaknesses

as students, and I can tailor their education

to their strengths and weaknesses.

And then I guess lastly I'm praying

that I'll keep my sanity and won't lose my mind this year.


know you mentioned-- you touched on it a little bit,

but it seems that children are being targeted spiritually.

And we're hearing about everything

from transgender bathrooms in public schools

to afterschool Satan clubs.

How can parents protect their kids?

You are so right, Charlene.

We have an epidemic of a just a rapidly declining culture right

now, with such an incredible speed.

It's frightening.

And in the public schools, we have

student and teacher sex scandals,

and the LGBT agenda being pushed on our kids,

and alcohol and drugs, and just a lack

of general safety for our kids.

And it is becoming less and less of an option

as Christians to drop our children off unsupervised,

because really your kids are unsupervised.

If you don't know-- you're not there,

and you don't know what's going on at school--

I mean, we're talking sexual activity taking place

in stairwells, Charlene.

Out of control immorality in the schools.

And so I want to supervise my kids.

I want them to be in an environment

where I can make sure that they are safe,

and that their character is not being corrupted.

And so it is becoming more and more dangerous,

and I want to encourage parents--

please, if there's any way possible,

we need to get our kids out of the public school system

and begin to disciple them in the ways of God,

and home educate them.

CHARLENE AARON: That leads me right into my next question,


How would you encourage parents who

say they can't afford to home school their kids?

First I would say that many of you

don't realize you can homeschool your kids, you can.

There's a reason that two million American children are

homeschooled, and it's not because those parents

are independently wealthy, let me assure you.

Every homeschool friend of mine that I know-- none of them

are independently wealthy.

And most of them make extreme financial sacrifices in order

to home educate their children.

And so yes you do have to make sacrifices,

and God will make a way.

God will provide if he is calling you to do this.

And I would say you might be surprised, once you really

do the numbers, run the numbers, on what you are paying for--

daycare and uniforms and other food expenses, wardrobe.

When you have a job as a mother, you

might be surprised once you run the numbers how little you

really are making in the end.

And so I want to encourage parents to really consider

this as an option.

You can also work part time and still be a homeschool mom.

You'd be surprised how much you can get accomplished

at home in homeschooling, how quickly the school day

can end if you are diligent.

CHARLENE AARON: Good advice, good tips.

Well, would you mind, Elizabeth, taking a moment

to pray for students and parents as they prepare

for this upcoming school year?

I'd love to.

Thank you.

Lord God, we love you.

We thank you so much for these children

that you have entrusted to us.

What a gift that they are.

And you have told us Lord, that there

are arrows that we can't shoot at the enemy, that

can accomplish so much good, Lord,

if we will raise them in the nurture

and admonition of the Lord.

I thank you for the 10 arrows that you have given me, Lord,

and I desire with all of my heart

that they will shoot straight and accomplish

much good for your kingdom.

Lord, I just pray that you will protect every single child that

is going to school, whether it is

public school, or private school, or homeschool, God,

that you will place protection about them, Lord,

that you will send your warrior angels to protect them,

to keep them safe from all harm.

God, I pray that you will give their parents

wisdom in discipling them and training them in righteousness.

Lord, I pray you protect their little hearts and minds

from ungodliness.

God, I just pray that you will give us wisdom as parents

and our children will be effective in your kingdom,

that they will be used to minister the gospel to all

the world, they will be wonderful citizens

Lord, great Americans, and warriors in your kingdom.

Lord, we pray that intellectually, you

will bless their minds, that they will prosper in everything

they set their hands to.

We pray for the teachers and the public schools

and the private schools, and the administrators, God,

that you will help them to be bold and courageous citizens,

bold and courageous Christians, Lord,

and they will do right by these kids in their care.

In Jesus' mighty name we pray.



Elizabeth Johnston, thank you for that powerful prayer,

and for taking the time to talk with us today

along with your little ones.

God bless you and have a blessed, prosperous school


[INAUDIBLE] God bless.

Thank you.

Have a great one.

Thank you, bye-bye.

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